Uterine Fibroid Embolisation - 2 weeks post op

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Hi I just wanted to post my experience of UFE as I spent a lot of time

lurking on here before my op and hope that my experience may help others.

I'd previously been recommended to have a hysterectomy as my fibroids

(9x9 and 4x5) were not suitable to have a myomectomy.

The largest fibroid was causing severe pressure on my bladder and right ovary

causing pressure incontinance and constant urge to got to the toilet. It was painful

during my periods but did not cause any bleeding problems.

I was reluctant to have the hysterectomy as I'm 43 and did not want to have a lot of time off work.

A consultant explained the procedure of UFE to me and i decided this would be the best option.

I was very worried about the pain that had been discussed by other ladies on here but I would say at worst

it was like the very bad period pains I experienced when I was younger.

The procedure itself was very straight forward the incision site was tiny, although a little sore for at least

7 days. I was given paracetamol, ibuprofen, a morphine tablet, a sedative and intravenous antibiotic during the

Op. I felt pain which increased for around 8 hours. I was attached to a morphine

pump but I was so out of it that I stopped using it by around 7pm (my op was 9am). I was very sick during the night

and had intravenous anti-sickness and fluids overnight. The pain I continued to manage with ibuprofen, paracetamol and oral morphine.

I was in hospital for 2 nights, and came home the 3rd evening. It is uncomfotable, I suggest having constant hot water bottles

as this really helps and start taking a laxative as soon as you get home as the constipation from the morphine meant

I didn't go to the loo for 7 days! I had no appetite for the first few days, and ate very little for a week.

Im coming up to 2 weeks post op and I can already feel a difference, I have less heaviness in my abdomen, less need to

urinate and less pain when turning over in bed. My tummy looks a tiny bit flatter on the right side too. I wont be going back to work until

3 weeks after the op as I am on my feet a lot and I have still been tired and a bit achy in my abdomen.

I was terrified about the pain after readingnthings on here, but mine was well managed and not as bad as I thought it would be.

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    Hi Kajja, great to read this. God's speed with your recovery. I have a 16cm by 16cm & am going to try embolisation after having tried drug therapy. Though I know I do have small arteries feeding it, so I'm not so sure regarding how much size reduction I will get, but should help with heavy periods & has to be worth a try first rather than an open hysterectomy which would have been the other option.

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    Keep in touch with the rest of your recovery & how much reduction you get.


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      Thanks Heather, lots of luck for your op, when are you having it? That's a very big fibroid, I'm sure you'll notice a reduction quite quickly. I could feel mine if I pressed against a worktop edge when cooking etc, but that hard ball in my tummy can hardly be felt if I do it now. I didn't expect to feel results so quickly. You will feel very tired so make sure you have a good support network around you. I tried to go for a short walk a week after the op and it knocked me sideways. I could feel every step in my tummy and slept all afternoon. Take it slow!

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      Yes I know, I hadan MRI in Ja which reported 13cm - 12 cm but I sarted passingblooed in  urine so they sent me for a CT scan on bladder & kidneys & the fbroid was measured as 16cm by 16cm. I think it all depends which angle they measure it from. I was shocked when they said 16cm. I was referred for one locally last summer but hubby changed work are, so I was referred down their to have it. I went down their for a consultation & he hadnt even looked at my MRI! He did a pre op assesment & booked me in for November 21st. But then I got a letter saying he thought my fibroid was dead or dying.You can imagine my suprise after a CT measurement at 16cm if it wo be d or dying! Anyway see

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    Any seemingly some surgeons / IR's especuoseo practise privately as well don't like to do certain cases where they predict the amount of red may not enchnce their figures. So long story is  

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    Sorry site is crashing, but basically he said he didnt think it would be of significant advantage for me. That the IR in my area wasnt as experienced as him & that he may have said give it a go 15 years ago however now he knows better. He suggested mirena coil in the letter, which my uterous is far to bulky for. He left me feeling confused & dissapointed. I re-visited my own hospital & they said what have you got to loose? You may as well give it a go! Not quite the position I hoped I would be in, as I don't relish a painful procedure for nothing, with the risks of infection too. However it maybe that it could reduce the fibroid enough to get it out by keyhole. So has to be worth a go. No-one seems to know. Out of area consultant just seemed to wash his hands of me, so I completely lost trust & faith in him. As there was no follow up after I'd travelled such a long way for the initial consultation for him not to even look at my MRI. Even though he was supposed to be good, I wasn't at all sure after that weither I would have wanted to put myself in his hands anyway. Empathy, explanation, caring go a long way in my book & he had none of them. It didn't seem like he was right regarding the fibroid dying from the recent MRI I had. I'm left pretty much in the dark & feeling I have to give it a go even though it may not reduce my fibroid much.

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      Wow Heather, that sounds so frustrating and must have been confusing for you getting so many different versions. I honestly think for the sake of a week of pain and being uncomfortable it is worth it. I really hope it goes well for you, I was lucky that my radiologist was very kind and said the procedure works very well in treating fibroid pressure. He was honest in that it could cause premature menopause, but they have to tell you all the possible things that could go wrong. I had a large dose of antibiotics just before they started the procedure and then again when they had finished to prevent infection. He then pressed on the incision site for 10 minutes while he watched the screen to check the bleeding from the incision. I was lucky that my local hospital perform lots of these and have improved their patient care and pain management from experience. I hope everything goes well for you. Let me know how you get on. I have a follow up appt in a few weeks so I'll keep you posted on my recovery.

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      Hi Kajja,

      Thanks for this. Can you PM me please who did your procedure & how many have they done? What hospital? What did they say would happen to the fibroid tissue? Was yours intramural? Where was it? Did they say about degrading necrotic tissue & chance of infection months later? I'd be really grateful. Thanks Heather

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