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UTIs and Yeast Infections Once a Month??

I am 18 years old and for the past year, I experience a week or two of pure pain when having to use the restroom. It burns when I pee and at times it has itched, stung, and I've had thicker discolored discharge. I am sexually active, and I have been for a long time, at least since I was 13. I thought that maybe it could be an STD, but all of the sexual partners I have had were virgins before we had sex. I know they are 100% clean when it comes to that department. I take an antibiotic every time I feel the slightest twinge of pain from down under. I was actually on the same antibiotic for something else, but I somehow developed some sort of infection while on it?? I'm not sure what this is?? I know I have had yeast infections in the past, I get them at least every three months or so. I have more recently just been being UTIs once or maybe even twice a month. It hurts to pee and after I go, I have to go more. It's odd because when I go to the doctor and they do the sample in a cup, they say that I don't have a yeast infection or a UTI but that I have either 500 or 5000 white blood cells (I can't remember) in my urine, which I'm apparently not supposed to have. I never payed attention in heath class, please don't judge me! Anyways, I clean myself after intercourse, I actually usually jump into the shower. I try my best to wipe front to back and I would like to say I am a decently clean person. I take showers once or maybe twice a week. I usually let my hair take a rest from being shampooed since it's dyed. Could not taking showers be a cause for my pain and discomfort?? Going back to the whole sexually active thing, I'm not on the pill, I read stuff about UTIs and yeast infections while taking forms of birth control, but I take no birth control, and I don't use condoms. I know that isn't the best combo, but my boyfriend is pretty confident in his pullout game. Getting back on track, I thought I would make a little post here because I would like to know if anyone has any idea of what this could be? I just want the pain to stop. I want to be able to pee without fearing pain. It's a simple body function, it's not much to ask!! It really effects my work, it effects my relationship, it just really effects me as a person. 

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  • susan556 susan556 vulcandolly

    Hi Vulcan doll

    Your by no means on your own hear. you say your not on the pill so cant be this. If you dont have a yeast infection or a UTI  then its either something your eating or drinking maybe,  i find caffeine foods and drink irritate me especially chocolate which i love.  Are you drinking enough water?  Its very exasperating i know  when you have so much discomfort then the tests come back clear! 

    Having half a teaspoonful of bicarb in water helps with the burning and stinging once a day.  Have the they suggested looking into your urethra area, presume this where the burning and stinging is. i thought having a lot of white blood cells showing in your tests meant your body was trying to fight some infection?  What your describing  does sound like a UTI and the itchiness along with the discharge does sound like thrush yet your test come back clear?

    Antibiotics, well you need a complete course to get rid of  UTI s not much point in talking just one when you feel the pain starting up as your become antibiotic resistant so if you really need them they wont work.  

    I used to be like you every month without fail would develop the burning and need to keep going. Turned out with me was the pill as i found out in the end.  

    I can only suggest you cut out sugar and caffeine and avoid intercourse for a while too. I sympathise as it does indeed affect ones relationship

    Presume your wearing cotton undies and if you use pant liners its not these causing discomfort as many contain bleach and cause burning.  I had to buy organic none irritant ones in the end which helps a lot. 

    Sounds to me something is being missed with you, you 100% sure you havn't thrush  or some other infection thats making you so sore its burning when you need to pee. If you feel like you have to keep going all the time it must be either a UTI or something  irritating your  urethra. Maybe you need a lubricant when having sex.?  Though at 18 shouldn't think you need it.but its possible all the same

    By the way i know from experience that the pull out method  can fail as it did my sister and baby number 5 came along after a 7 yr gap relying on this method! be careful !

    Hope you can get this sorted as it awful i know. i recently had a double course of antibiotics only to be told it came back negative, i took them all for nothing, now i just make sure i drink plenty of water, one glass full every evening before going to bed and use this gel stuff which helps with soreness and burning down there. if you pm me ill send you the link


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