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Hi there, I'm a 21 year old female, I have been in a monogomous relationship for a year, and have used condoms. I trust my partner and we have both been to the clinic, I had bloods done for HIV and Sphyillis back in April and was negative, we have both recently been tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and all negative. It all started when i was working back in September and I think stress caused me to have a uti, they prescribed me amoxocillian to begin with, which gave me thrush; they then prescribed me the right stuff to clear up my uti and thrush treatment, i went to have tests done and everything was clear apart from a little BV showing up, they could not prescribe me anything as it was not certain. The treatment for thrush didnt work so i went back and had another lot of tests done, this time no BV but i still had the yeast. She then gave me 7 days worth of Fluconozole (thrush oral tablet), i was getting better so I decided to stop using condoms and get the copper IUD fitted about 3 weeks ago, all is fine so far, but about a week into my IUD i started showing symptoms of thick yellow discharge, swelling, a little smelly not loads, and itching - even my anus itches sad there is no pain during urination or during sex, just discomfort but no pain.

I went back to see a doctor at the GUM clinic (in the USA this is similar to a contraceptive and sexual health clinc). She did all the tests for thrush, Trichomonas and BV - and NOTHING! I have no sores, no warts ( I do have a history of warts and my partner got warts frozen off in the Summer- but if I remember rightly warts do not cause these symptoms).

No stds, no infections - so what is wrong sad

I feel like banging my head against a wall, I have been back and forth to the doctors and clinic, and tests after tests. The doctor said nothing has shown up but to put your mind at ease I will give you a course of BV tablets and 1 thrush tablet. I am half way through my BV course and I will take my thrush tablet at the end. I'm still having the symptoms though, and my partner has no symptoms by the way.

I have never been one to wear thongs, douche etc my normal routine is wash with mild soap which now i dont wash with nothing but water! I wipe front to back, wear loose cotton knickers, soap without scents or glycerin, no more tampons; I have been wearing panty liners the first week because i was spotting from the IUD, I also take lysine vitamins but I have been doing so since March time.

I am going to finish my tablets, but I'm also going to buy some PH sticks to see what my level is and I will update on here.

I've seen some forums about CV which is something that mimics thrush and it is where you vagina actually creates too much lactobacilli, but I have not been tested for this.

Please can someone help me sad 

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    Hi, I don't have any great advice but I do understand how frustrating it can be.  My BV, infection, whatever it is flared up after a night of protected sex.  I've never had that reaction from condoms before but for some reason I was diagnosed with BV and a yeast infection.  It's been almost three weeks and sometimes have the itchiness even my butt itches.  My vagina is also sore at's weird.  Apparently BV acts up any time your PH is thrown off so it's a mystery,  my doctor recommended acidophilus tablets so I'm trying it out...good luck and sorry you are dealing with that.  
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    I had BV and it was nasty. The antibiotics put me into a depression and I still suffer from headaches for over 2 years since taking the meds. It could be from using tampons, the condoms, your underwear, pants, sweating, etc. 
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    I think my BV was caused by wearing either tampons or panty liners. Every time I shower now I wipe with toilet paper from front to back so water isn't trapped up in there. I also don't shave my vulva anymore and that has helped. 
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    Hi everyone,

    Still waiting for ph sticks in the post

    My iud got too much so had it removed, I cannot tell the texture etc of my discharge at the moment as I'm bleeding from the iud

    I am starting my period at the end of this week- well suppose to be

    I think a cocktail of all the antibiotics just took a toll on my body

    The doctor also said it could've been my body reacting in a way to the iud, it is a foreign body after all.

    Open removing she could not see any inflammation, I'm going to wait till after my period and see if my ph level is correct and my symptoms have resolved, I have just finished the thrush and BV treatment but I don't think they did anything as I tested negative for all the tests

    I was concerned it could've been something called CV or aerbioc vaginitis, but the doctor said wait till after your period, and if symptoms persist we will do more tests- but so glad I had the iud removed, me and my partner are going to try the femcap and contragel, it's a vegan natural spermicide, I also wash with just water now, I can't really tell at the moment if symptoms have subsided as I'm bleeding but in a weeks time I shall update 😊

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