Visiting your GP and suicide

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What is most likely to happen in this scenario.....

A person has had a couple of visits to their GP about depression. The patient is given anti-depressants and has told the docter they have thought about killing themself.

The docter makes a appointment for a weeks time to see how the patient is getting on with the pills in the first week.

The patient turns up for the appointment and tells the docter thanks for helping but they can't do it anymore and am going to kill their self as soon as they leave the surgery, the patient tells how they would do this.

I was wondering what the docter would do? Would they let the patient leave the surgery or would someone outside be contacted and the patient go somewhere?

Thanks in advance

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    Hello, I said to my GP many times that I wanted to kill myself, I even wrote him letters and he did nothing, I did overdose on tablets, ended up in hospital and my doctor still did nothing, I have had depression on and off for years due to a lot of illness and all he can say to me is my hair looks nice, I use to trust him but not anymore, infact after him I don't trust any GP.
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    My thinking seems to be tooing and frooing, i have moments where I just think, thats it, just do it...real moments...and feelings of there is no escape, and absolutely no one understands. Popped many a pill to stop me drinking my life down the pan, but looks like that is where it is heading.

    Yet at work, managed to have a laugh that came up from the total pit of my stomach and I thought I was going to wet myself.

    I am too scared to go back to doctors as last week was sent to hospital and doctor fouind nothing wrong with me ( was told something about an endoscopy) but I cant remeber...I dont like the pills, I dont like the fact I feel i need to drink and feel crap the next day. I feel like I am hitting mt head against a brick wall,

    Also have really chronic period, just everywhere, leaking all over the place, cant tell where its coming from Think i am turining in to a hypochondriact, also have itchy mole, and a toenail that looks really suspect.But oh well, what would you...anyone else do?

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    In most cases the gp would probably give the patient several phone numbers, samaritians etc, perscribe a dose of sleepers/sedatives and tell them to visit a close friend or loved one, then let them leave.

    Only if said patient became agitated or agressive would someone else be called in, usually police. It takes a policeperson and two doctors in order to have anyone committed, which is why most people have to attempt suicide before receiving treatment.

    Attempted suicide or \" a cry for help \" is rarely taken seriously until after the fact. People who do want to die, will, no matter what is put in place to prevent this.

    Hope question was curiousity only.

    Take care. :?

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    This has happened to me quite a few times.

    If the doctor thinks it's serious he won't let you leave the surgery,he will section you (under the mental health act) and you will be detained in hospital until you are no longer a risk to yourself.If you do leave the surgery the police will be called and they will go looking for you,once they get you you will be taken to your local psychiatric hospital.

    Coming from experience as ive been sectioned quite a few times due to an illness.

    My honest advice is, if you tell the GP that you are going to kill yourself when you leave then you want help.Without a doubt i know that.It's better to just explain how you feel and ask for help instead of being sectioned as it does cause you alot of problems.

    Anyways....Good Luck.I hope you get the right help that you need and you feel better soon.

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    \"Attempted suicide or \" a cry for help \" is rarely taken seriously until after the fact.\"

    Can you explain?

    So if someone attempted suicide they would go to a psychiatric ward?

    Would sort of things would a person use to attempt suicide? ie. read online that a paracetamol overdose is not seen as a serious attempt at suicide.

    If someone is thinking about different ways to commit suicide, does this mean they won't actually do it or does a docter always have to take taking about suicide seriously?

    Sorry for the endless questions!

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    There are a few problems then, is there not?? I mean phone the samaritans and chat, that is your talking to a person who you are anonymous with. You can put the phone down, and life is no different, no better. Your still depressed and thinking,, I am the only one in this mess, I am the only one who can change it, but I cant do your still in a labyrinth.

    Then you go to your docotr, you feel absolutley crap and worse still there are really ill people that do not want to be ill sitting waiting to see a docotr. So you then feel even more guilty and stupid for just being there/ You see a docotr, you say what no to them, and if they can help they will, by giving out drugs????

    Then there is that question....that a docotor or psychiatrist should say to a depressed person...go and visit a loved one.......well my point is, is when you are as far around the bend as hmmmmm, you feel your loved onees are infor you to...They can say and do nothing right. So really thinking its just a mass , a maze thats impossible to solve.

    Well, if I were to work the system , I would have a secret agent following a depressed person around....mind you that would be very dangerous in my case....but thats what I would do. It could take one split second, one miniscule thought and it could all be the midst the of second happy moments you would will regret it. Oh god, dont htink even I understand this message. Do you?

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    Clare, THATS CLEVER!

    The usual, the normal???????? Yip.....define exactly what is.......a cry out for help........a suicide attempt................self harming. I reckon a good docotor has to take all conditions seriosly . Wouldnt you , afterall all conditions prevent a person fullfilling themselves to their full potential. In turn, this leads to worsening states,

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    zrlou and clare, my message came up in a weird place, and now makes no sense as your messages reached the system quicker than mine and now I cant make sense of this place.
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    Caire, your gp probably knows both you and your illness very well, i think thats rare these days and youre very lucky.

    Ive moved about a bit and have found that gps rarely care about getting previous medical histories from other practices, they send 1 or 2 emails but arent concerned when no reply comes. Ive also worked with clients whove scammed gps in this way to gain medication.

    I think that all suicide attempts or successes must take a lot of thought, does anyone disagree?

    Forms and consequences hold a strange facination for both mind sets, consider,

    who will find them (god forbid that it be a child)

    when they will be found

    how painful it will be ( which starts a whole new set of questions rolling ie method)

    and what happens if or when they are found alive.

    Paracetamol is extemely dangerous. I read that they rarely cause a fatality, even when taken with alcohol, and can cause serious internal injuries ie. to stomach, liver, kidneys and heart.

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    Yeh, I suppose i am lucky to have a doctor that knows alot about me and understands me.

    Any attempted suicide should be taken seriously,i totally agree because the person is obviously in a mess to even attempt to take there life,even if they dont want to die.

    Thankfully after 5 years of these constant feelings and being in hospital for 2 years etc.I think i'm recovering,havent been in hospital since April and thats really good for me.

    I used to think i really wanted to die more than anything as i would never get better.Now i realise things do change,things get better.You need to fight the depression,its so so hard but i think in the end its worth it.

    Anyone feeling suicidal etc or just need someone to rant to please feel free to contact me.i know what its like to feel alone.

    take care everyone

    (We will fight this together) smile

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    Hello again, any cry for help should not be ignored at all, and if any doctor does ignores cries for help they should be struck off in my book. The thought of it makes me so angry and sick inside, that a person like myself cries for help and is always ignored, also I know there are other people out there that are really depressed and ignored, it is unacceptable.
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    Hi Clare , tra and cats eyes, hmmm, I know exactly what you mean. I am a bit concerned about my own states at the moment and dont know if I am just perfectly normal - does everyone think and feell . like one minute, ill just end it and then the next (maybe cause I dont give a damn anymore), laughing hysterically. For instance, left lots of chocolates for the girls at work ,a and told them to eat them on the shop floor and let the chocolate melt around there mouths and then approach customerrs. ( :lol: - would you like any help? Oh- maybe you need a good imagination, or simply had to have been there. I hate shop work, minboggiling/brainwashingly boring. Then once I calmed down and was walking home I am thinking - nope that car is not moving fast enough......or folding vclothes away and just feeling worthless, pointless.

    Is it worth going to my GP about all of this - or not? See I am uncertain, is this normal or is this not?

    Am I just crying out for help and its becoming like I sound like I cry wolf. :cry: :roll:

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    I despair. I am at my wits end. I feel so harassed, and should have made an apointment to talk to someone, I reckon anyone will do now.

    I was going to write down my good qualities to re read them over and over, but my good qualities seem to be causing my weaknesses.

    This is the thing about PUK, IT HAS HELPED ME, regardless of what others might think. (They did not see me before, and now I feel a little better) but still not right. Ive always been very sensitive, and a bit squeaky. Today, I had so many moments of ME back again. Contented me, just getting on with life. Then later, later, a mess. I wish I could just stay/remain balanced and strong. When I crack jokes I amost pea myself laughing, or whne someone else miss behaves and breaks the rules, I find it so funny. I mean so rules are there to be broken. Or bent depending on how you wish to see this planet.

    I have been told not, or otherwised warned , not to use PUK as a councillor - well sorry - not been yet saved by any school bell or alarms ringing, to think I was trying to use it as a councilling session. I just need someone to talk to, and for me its easier to type than it is to talk to people that may judge you - or people who may not.

    This is not a dig at anyone, it is not an argument, I am just raising the point that although I come here a lot, I wanted to , to break my isolation. It worked for a bit. yes, I am a william Morris print, but hey I like liberty.

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