Want my symptoms to disappear but I'm afraid to try HRT

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Been suffering lots this last couple of weeks and can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Was diagnosed perimenapause over two years ago and my periods stopped last September. Im suffering mostly with night sweats and anxiety and awful weight gain. I ache all the time, my hair is always lank and hate feeling lethargic all the time. I get very little sleep and my head hurts all the time. I live with my hubby and two grown up sons who don't understand what I'm going through. I feel quite isolated. Thinking of going to the docs to ask for HRT but I'm scared of the risks /side effects. Does it actually work.

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    Sorry can't give you any input on hrt

    You say

    hubby and two grown up sons don't understand what I'm going through

    Get them on this forum to have a read through and educate themselves on what you women have to go through

    It may help you all I'd they understand as well.

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    You will get an understanding here! A lot of the symptoms you talk about I've got/had or heard of someone else talking about them. 

    I do yoga, helps calm my mind (which is a huge step in the right direction). I have also started walking and am doing the NHS Weight loss program. There is tons of support that side too. 

    I lost 2.5 Kgs in 2 weeks. I had this massive big fat swollen tummy sad

    My hair is also dead. So, I went and had it cut short and decided to go for a 'look' to make me feel better. smile

    Anxiety is horrible. I have it all the time and probably drive my boyfriend mad. I have fears all day long. I used to be a functional, funny, bubbly person that had places to go. Now I hide out at home. 

    BUT, having lost a bit of weight, doing my exercises and taking B12 and B6 I do feel better. *hugs 

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      Thanks callianne, I know what you mean about hiding away, I do that myself. I've stopped having girlie nights out, keep making excuses and spend all my time at work or home. I've started running again tonight with an app "couch to 5K". Hope that it will shed a few pounds and make me feel happier. Hubby keeps telling me we will get through it together and he does try but when I'm sat up most nights sweating buckets and he's snoring beside me I don't see togetherness lol. X
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    Hi Anita,

    I think why not just give it a try?

    I decided to just see if it helped for 3 to 6 months and so glad I did.

    It's not a miracle cure but it has made so many things feel better depression and anxiety along with the hot all the time libido and things I think, now for me it has to be worth the risk because my quality of life has improved so much.

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    I was a person who dealt with headaches, never taking anything!

    I am not into taking anything, not even Aspirin.

    I had to do something! My Dr started me on Premerin. I swear taking that and God saved my life.

    I still have hot flashes but no where near how they were. Couldn't sleep (was up at the same time every night 3:00 am.) This is not any longer happening.

    I was always the first person at the party and the last to go, I became a mild recluse. I don't want to be bothered. Even by my closest friends. Of course they know what I am dealing with and totally understand.

    I am just now after many many months hesitantly going here and there again. Get your life back , give HRT a try.

    Hopefully it will agree with you and help you like it did me.

    Just as long as breast cancer doesn't run in your family. Your Dr will know what you need. I started on lowest dose and bumped up two more levels .

    I'm so much better, but also be good to yourself.

    And do for yourself.

    Your sons and husband have absolutely no idea what we go through. The same with my husband. My kids kept saying, Mom you always sick. And I was feeling horrible everyday! Until HRT.

    Put yourself first for a change, stay close to your faith , listen to nice music, read upbeat books. and slowly you will come around. Exercise, if you can by just taking a walk. Eat often but little servings. Some days r better than others. Believe me hormones will help you. And you don't need to stay on them forever....just to help you over the hump.

    I hope God blesses you as He did me!

    Maggie xo

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    Hello Anita:

    I went through all your symptoms and others:  Hourly hot flashes so bad that I became nauseated, night sweats, insomnia, horrible anxiety, feelings of gloom and doom, horrible detachment, not feeling myself. debilitating muscle and joint pain, dryness, constipation, bladder weakness and weight gain.  I have a mother and sister with breast cancer.  It didn't matter.  The risk for me was worth it.

    I am on Vivelle dot 0.1 (a patch) and medroxyprogesterone pills, 5 milligrams.  

    Within one week on going on these medications, my symptoms were 50 percent gone.  Within 2 weeks I was pretty much back to myself.  I have now been on these hormones for 6 years.  I am careful to have yearly mammograms and pap smears.  I have tried to ween myself off of them, or have forgotten to take them for a couple days and BAM! I am in  so much pain that I can hardly get up in the morning and the anxiety and sweats come back with a vengeance.  I am now 54.  My mother had horrible hot flashes until she was late in her 70s.  I am careful to maintain a healthy diet, maintain low body fat, do not smoke, and drink only moderately.  I am praying that I stay healthy, but I made the decision, and so far I live a very good life.

    This is a little disjointed, but I wanted to weigh in on your question as to whether HRT actually helps.

    I hope you find some help.  I know how bad it gets!


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      I hear you girl , I'm 53, same problems as you, until HRT.

      It really saved my life. I was really out of sorts, I didn't know who I was anymore!

      I didn't trust myself in just everyday tasks, driving even made me a bit nervous!


      Didn't want and sometimes still don't socialize as I once did. Second guessed myself on everything. I actually lost myself.

      Not to mention facing another day, it was an effort to get out of bed. Hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety beyond belief, and all those you just mentioned.

      I say give HRT a five star from me. I'm back to me again, not 100% but much much better than I was. I would say, 80% better .

      Without HRT, I may have been a 10 out of 100!!! Maybe some days -10.

      So now you know why I say I'm doing great, and so grateful to be able to take these hormones.

      Thank you God!

      Stay healthy,


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      I'm like you Maggie, I believe very strongly in taking care of myself, I eat a good diet, take regular exercise and hardly ever take medication, not even for a headache! However, this menopause thing took me over completely, hot flushes, dreadful anxiety, no energy, no sleep, no appetite, the list goes on! Eventually I gave in and started HRT last week, I'm hopeful of seeing some improvement soon, your story gives me hope, I'm sure it will help Anita too.

      love Vicki x

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      Good for you Viki,

      You will see improvement, I promise you. and it won't be long and you will see slowly you will have your life back again. can I ask what you are taking? Just wondering. Along with Premerin, I also take Wllbrutrin for anxiety. Fighting Through all this menopause , I have also lost a very close cousin of mine to suicide. It's been a rough road but keep your faith, this is most important especially at this time of your life.

      You may of lost yourself, but you'll get your life back

      Take Care!

      Maggie x

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      I'm taking Elleste duo conti 2mg. Feel pretty rough today but hoping it's just a bad day and it is early days with the HRT Thanks for your encouraging words, this is such a hard time for all us ladies but talking on here certainly helps x
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      Yes, you are right . Meds really need to elevate before things get continuously smooth again.

      And it will too, so Hang in there!

      I still have a rough day here and there on HRT, just from everyday stresses. but Absolutly no where near what u had prior!

      Take care of yourself,

      No one else will! This may sound harsh, but so true.

      Maggie x

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      Yeah it takes a few weeks to get into your system I had a few blips and bad days in the first few weeks on HRT.

      But now bad days are few and far between.

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    Hi Anita. I certainly know how you feel. I have had 6yrs of chronic insomnia, joint ache, migraine and ups and downs with mood swings. Doctors prescribed sleeping tablets and anti depressants, then tested my fsh levels which indicated I am in peri. I was totally against hrt and couldn't have it as blood pressure was too high. I was monitored for 24hrs for bp, which actually was ok. I read up a lot on HRT and finally decided to give it a go. So I am now on patches and will have to take progesterone tablets at certain times throughout the month. I feel a lot better already. I specifically asked for bio-dentical patches derived from plants rather than horses urine. You have to weigh up quality of life. I felt I was going crazy and I also wanted to stop taking anti depressants and sleeping tablets. Do some research and speak to a sympathetic doctor. Take care of yourself.
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