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I'm a 54 yr old male. Reasonably fit runner, non drinker non smoker.

I'm beginning to get worried. My GP seems certain I have IBS.

But for the last four months I've been experiencing ever worsening Reflux symptoms. I get pains in the stomach area and the oesophagus feels as if I've swallowed a peanut and its got stuck.

However I have no issues swallowing food. In fact I enjoy my food.

Everytime I do swallow (not just food) but a reflex ordinary swallow, I feel it in my gullet and get discomfort in my stomach. This is without fail.

I'm on 40mg Omeprazole each morning and 300mg Ranitidine each evening. Neither appear to have an effect.

Further visits to my GP have told me to continue with the medication. Though as I've told my Dr. they appear to have no effect.

Previously (20 months) ago I had an endoscopy finding a HH. However since this endoscopy I've been without symptoms until their return several months ago.

Any suggestions?

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    Ask or GP to refer you to a consultant as your worried and would like another opinion.

    IBS seems to be given for a lot of diagnosis, had gallstones but told it was my IBS. Be pushy to get answers.

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    Hi there, you could ask your GP to refer you for a barium swallow. That would confirm if you have any swallowing difficulties and if you have reflux. Also if your meds aren't working and the swallow confirms reflux you could request a ph study. I've just had one with a view to surgery as my meds aren't brilliant at helping me and surgery is the only sure fire way to stop the reflux.

    Both tests are reasonably simple and are necessary steps if you do think that maybe surgery may be the way forward if your symptoms aren't resolved by meds. If they come back negative, then at least you will know and can then try to get to the bottom of your problems.

    hope you get something sorted soon 

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    nothwithstanding the other replies...you may have 2 things going on...*may"..you say no problem swallowing....but after stuff enters you stomach...your stomach hurts or you have a feeling of discomfort.

    For the stomch to hurt that's usually inflammation?...where and why?...next time you "hurt" after a swallow...take a swallow from an 8oz glass of water with a "small pintch" of baking soda completely disolved...see what response you get...

    Or, before next meal....take 150 to 300mg of slippery elm (lozenge) slow...to coat your stomach lining...check the results ...

    Too difficult from my perch to "guess" what the "peanut" sensation is....but an endoscopy ought to reveal anything within your stomach....I personally have more faith in an ENT for throat issues vs GI...

    Slippery Elm cheap and easy non invasive nor side effects..almost the same with the "small pinch" of baking soda as mentioned above.

    I'm 77, at your age pretty much as you...anywhere from 3 to 6 miles of lite jogging..no smoke, no booze, good hygine, and diet..but did have an HH...but have kept it in check. Lastly but perhaps more important...when you last had blood lab's done, did they do a TSH? (thyroid)? if not, try and get it done...sometimes it takes a fib...major fatigue symptom.....here in the US most ins companies won't pick up the tab unless there are symptoms the dr needs to rule in or out...and in other countries because of cost...similar policies Claudio

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    The peanut thing sounds like anxiety to me. It is a good idea to come off those meds because eventually they can give you awful side effects and do damage to you. He says continue because that is all he can give you. If he changes to a different pp1 or pp2 they are the same just a different manufacturer. I became very ill from taking these medications and then got much better when I stopped and now control the problem with bicarbonate of soda, which has no side effects. Some might get funny and warn you about the salt content but many of them take too much of it and I never have salt in my food, so use some common sense with this and you are fine.

    I got rid of all of my so called ibs by restoring the gut flora, it is now perfect, but it took me about a year of watching what I eat. No good asking the doctor about this, they know nothing about nutrition or naturopathy.

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    Very few doctors know anything about food intolerances, a recognised cause of acid reflux. Wheat and gluten grains are a well documented cause of acid reflux. You could find that by going on a gluten free diet, your problems would be over or at least dramatically reduced. Milk of any kind, even non-fat milk will exacerbate acid reflux problems also. You could always do a trial run and see if you improve. Maybe try a gluten and dairy free diet for a month, then go back on them and see if there's a difference. Best of luck!
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    I should have added this to my above rsponse. Gluten is a well known cause of IBS. I had it and since going gluten and dairy free, have perfect bowel habits for the first time in my life and i am a few years older than you are.

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