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reshma12914 reshma12914

weight loss and anxiety

I am very scared as to why I'm losing weight so fast, can someone assure me that is an anxiety symptom please because it makes me think that something is wrong with me ... your comments will help me a lot .  

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  • gillian20097 gillian20097 reshma12914

    It is defiantly anxiety Hun.

    I lost 18lb in just short of a month.

    I don't have health anxiety so the weight loss was only a worry to me because it was so rapid,not because I thought it was anything else.

    I can promise you now,if you have been diagnosed with anxiety,then that is the reason for your weight loss xxx

    • gillian20097 gillian20097 reshma12914

      You will be ok Hun. Anxiety takes a different approach with everybody.

      Im not sure if you take antidepressants but I feel they do get you to a point where you are able to see the thoughts about your health as just anxious thoughts,nothing to worry about.

      The weight loss thing. Don't give it another thought. As your anxiety reduces,that will sort itself out xxx

    • patientCarr1 patientCarr1 gillian20097

      I recently discovered I have loss 16 pounds in about three weeks time and I know it's from my anxiety cause it makes it difficult to eat without getting question for you is do you have any kidney issues from not eating right? I'm super nervous about the long term effects I may have to deal with because of eating maybe one meal a day for the last month due to panic an anxiety all the time.

  • liam19603 liam19603 reshma12914

    The only thing I can think of that may make you lose weight and cause anxiety as well would be a thyroid issue, which is very common and very treatable.  If you have been eating normally and nothing has changed, I would ask your doctor just to check it.  It's a very simple test that would put your mind at ease.  Regardless it's better to ask a professional, because sometimes fear of the unknown is worse than knowing it's nothing or it's something very minor.  

  • maksmash29 maksmash29 reshma12914

    I would like to tell you that I lost my 8kg in 15 days. But thanks to my dr. He made me normal

  • amberstar33 amberstar33 reshma12914

    I lost about a stone in weight over the period of a month at the height of the anxious period I've been experienced. I am started to gain back some of the weight and my appetite has returned. I'm still experiencing some anxiety but in no way to the extent I was previously. I'm not on any meds. 

  • anne240 anne240 reshma12914

    I myself have lost a great deal of weight lately.  I cam off anti depressants last year which made me put on weight, and then a few months after I stopped the mnedication I completely lost my appetite and got bad nausea.  I was sent for an ultrasound scan to see if my weight loss was due to anything, but all was well.

    I am still losing weight and have saggy skin but as I am old it will not spring back.  If you are worried, go to your doctor and ask for tests to find out if your weight loss is due to anything.  Anxiety is affecting my appetite.  sometimes I find it hard to eat.  Please see a doctor and put your mind at rest.

  • kelly1986 kelly1986 reshma12914

    About me [

    Hi I've been suffering with anxiety for about 4 years now, but these past few weeks it's really bad I'm not eating as I don't have an appetite at all and I'm loosing weight I constantky keep looking at things on the Internet and diagnosing myself with cancer this n cancer that convinced it's something serious! I have aches and pains which makes me google all the more! Is this normal with anxiety??? It's the weight loss that scares me most! X

  • alex16839 alex16839 reshma12914

    I to am experiencing weight loss almost certain it is due to health anxiety. i have had medical tests all normal. I was worrying about smoe health issue and lost several pounds pretty quickly.

    I tend to dwell on that a lot which feeds on itself. I keep checking how loose my belt is and how my ring feels looser on my finger... just doing those things and thinking it it something really bad causes the weight to stay's a self fullfilling thought that onlt makes things worse i am sure... if I wasn't such a worrier I'm sure things would improve, but its hard not to with this type of minset.

    If you could relax and keep your mind off it it would get better i know, But easier said than done. Time will probably take care of it eventually.

    • tommy70938 tommy70938 alex16839

      I do the same thing on a daily basis. "Why are my jeans not fitting quite like they used to" etc.... I have health anxiety big time. With good reason though. About 1 year ago I just started having this pain between my shoulder blades and an extreme amount of belching with some stomach pain. Immediate freak out. Haven't been the same since. I've had several full blood work ups and all is fine. So why worry right? So much easier said than done. Lol

    • karen77710 karen77710 tommy70938

      Hi I have suffered with health anxiety on and off for about 20 years now. Been fantastic for years but about 5 monthes ago it started up again. Started anti depressants and now just started Beeter blockers to calm me down. I suffer with acid reflux and it's been really bad this past week, been to Drs and have to go back Wednesday. If it hasn't settled. I think I have every illness going

    • manhal19714 manhal19714 tommy70938

      I had your same symptoms with breast bone paina nd epigastric pain when i was known for acid reflux and IBS.

      I am a doctor myself and that makes me the worst patient ever

      I worked twice a week in Gym to improve my gut symptomswhilst anxious about cancer and when lost 8 pounds started thinking sinster again

      Can u believe how mad one can go

      Against any logic

      My symptoms just dont go

      And the solution is to stop googling and stop seeking reassurance and be sure you can not be the one cleverperson among all those health practitioners seen you and reassured you

      Worst case scenaria you have a condition which is not fatal

      Even cancers are not fatal nowadays

  • lisalisa67 lisalisa67 reshma12914

    That can happen. I ise nutritional shakes when my anxiety is bad. I dropped fifteen pound in five weeks last year.took months for it to restabilize and it throws off your sugar levels which mimics anxiety. Its a bit of a mess.

  • alex16839 alex16839 reshma12914

    Thanks. I am sure it's  just anxiety tat is doing this but dwelling on it does make it worse and if you think you are losing more weight it makes it worse. i have decicdet to keep off the scale for a last time I got on and dropped another couple of pounds i worried more...a hopless situation it seems !

  • helen 11935 helen 11935 reshma12914

    So glad I have found this post was diagnosed last October with health anxiety and have since lost a stone which is making me worry even more. I had bloods done in October and again in November all fine so I know nothing is wrong with me but i can't stop thinking there is its really starting to ruin my life. How do you beat it I tried meds but couldn't get on with them

    • millyabh millyabh helen 11935

      how are you now?

      ive been losing weight lately, first i had a stomach bug then that turned into terrible anxiety thinking it was something more - im trying to eat more but its so hard - and even worse when people start mentioning it.  

    • karen77710 karen77710 millyabh

      Anxiety is a awful thing I've had it on and off for 20 years now. It's just returned again with revenge. I am the same don't feel like eating cause I feel sick all the time so I've started loosing weight, now my mind thinks it's something else even thou it's properly not x

    • victoria m65974 victoria m65974 karen77710

      i am quite new to this site but am in desperate need of help.  i've struggle with anxiety since 1994 but this past june i felt like my body took a shift for the worse feeling weakness in arms and legs and was in hospital last month for 5 days and all results of mri, scans, etc came back ok but i continue to lose weight and have no appetite. from the weight loss the skin under my arm pits sag and are wrinkled and have brain fog.  you mentioned you started to lose weight and that you feel sick all the time.  what symptoms do you have.  just trying to get some feedback to see if mine is due to anxiety too as i feel like i am dying. have not been able to return to work since june due to same.  praying to God everyday.


    • Lolasmom Lolasmom victoria m65974

      Hi Victoria,

      I to suffer from anxiety. Mine started in about Januray. Each bout I have I have stomach issues which inturn I do not want to eat, which then I lose wieght, Since about February until about the beginning of July I lost 25 pounds. I started probiotics and that helped. Many times I do not feel like eating but I do. I have not lost any more weirght in the last month or so, but have to be very concious of making sure I eat.

      I truly in the beginning had an upset stomach the moment I woke up and lasted all day for months. had the tests.....nothing hugh. a small hiatal hernia but nothing big. One thing also that helped the upset stomach, bloating, gas and excessive belching is .................If I mentioned it, this note will be modified. Private message me, I would love to tell you about it. Atleast I do not have the symptoms everyday and when I do they are 80% better

    • victoria m65974 victoria m65974 Lolasmom

      Hi Lolasmom, thank you so  much for your response.  From what you state it helps to  know what condition you have and have taken something that is helping you.  Also good to know what your symptoms are nowhere near as bad as  mine.  Thank God you found the solution to your health and anxiety issues.  Hopefully I can eventually find some help and relief for mine. God bless.

    • lose46497 lose46497 Lolasmom

      Hi Lolasmom,Im new here not sure how to private message you and been experiencing same symptoms as you mentioned I lost 7kg in past 2 month till now and I'm still not gaining any weight hope you can tell me about your problem thanks!

  • charlsie03527 charlsie03527 reshma12914

    This is happening to me. I've been having severe anxiety and panic attacks with a loss in appetite. Ive been making sure that I eat- I even have days where I feel ok and eat normally- but I can't stop losing (slowly) and I definitely can't gain. I have severe health anxiety and I'm terrified that I have cancer. It's taking over my life sad

    • manhal19714 manhal19714 charlsie03527

      A medical fact

      If you have cancer causing weight loss then it is in terminal stage that shouldnt last weeks from when u started weight loss and has to be with sever anemia and extreme fatigue etc.

      So if anything would ve declared it self

      This is how i got over my problem

      Mu symptoms remained though

      Gut upset and IBS

    • jes35190 jes35190 manhal19714

      Within the past month I've discovered I have a horrible health aniexty and I think it is what has made me lose so much Weight recently your last passage really made me happy and I hope it's true! I am so fearful something is wrong and a cancer is making me lose weight. Although iVe had 2 blood test recently one in the hospital on one of the doctors both came back okay yet still I worry. Wish it would all go away

  • wayne46220 wayne46220 reshma12914

    Hi I've just been told I've got a cyst or granuloma in my throat, I'm worried sick about it even though the ent doc has told me it's fine and the chance of it being anything bad is 0.5%. But over the last few days I've been losing weight unintentionally I'm really worried that this is something sinister, I do suffer with health anxiety so that's not helping.

  • julie91160 julie91160 reshma12914

    Hi New to here .is the post on weight loss still on going please .

    • Boober Boober julie91160

      I think that this discussion should continue. There is nothing worse than being sick and anxious and not knowing why. That causes you to be more anxious. I have been battling with anxiety for almost a year now. Numerous doctor's visits, test and such. Everything comes back Normal. I recently lost 10 pounds in three weeks. My stomach is always upset and even constipated from not eating. I try a anti nauseous medicine to be able to eat. I take a daily complete vitamin to help keep some nutirent in my system. Also plenty of water to help with constipation. I hope this all passes soon. It bothers me when doctor's have me wait weeks for an appointment.

  • 9999 9999 reshma12914

    I was taking buspirone and gained 20 lbs while on it. smile Later when I was off them I quickly lost it I was very depressed and felt like s**t. It's hard for me to gain weight that'd why. I have a high metabolism and when this pills made me gain weight I was happy .. Anyways I'm still thin now. smile Where's my buspirone??😭jk Depends on what's the cause are you depressed?/Have you been eating? It's probably the medication you are taking read the side effects. Good Luck💖

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