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 My doctor says I have hypothyroidism. I have a goitre and several nodules on my thyroid.  I believe I have hyperthyroidism. My symptoms are overheating, sweating, can't sleep, muscle aches, joint aches,  dry, itchy eyes,  my weight doesn't go up and it doesn't go down it stays the same no matter what I try! I am exhausted can barely keep my eyes open so severe fatigue.  I have stomach issues, most of the time diarrhoea sometimes constipation but rarely. Shortness of breath and off and on a rapid heartbeat. So with these symptoms do I have hyperthyroidism or do I have hypothyroidism? Can someone please tell me?!!!

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    Well  Elaine 

    On the Surface of it  , going by your symptoms , it seems you are HYPERthyroid  ..

    But no one can tell you that without a diagnosis .. i.e. .. blood tests   You must get your doctor to do your bloods telling him that you want your blood tested fur antibodies   For  either Graves' disease or

    Hashimotos  disease ....  it's very important to be tested fir antubidues  , as to be able to become well again , you need to have  the correct treatment ... and that blood test is vital.

    I had ALL  of those symptoms and I was diagnosed .. Graves' disease , I was pretty ill at the time and thought I was going insane with anxiety and pain ..

    Today though I'm ... Euthyroid I.e. 

    ... normal !

    So you can certainly get in top of this .. it requires a little patience in the beginning ... so get started with the bloods .. ask for  a printed copy of them ( they belong to you and they are obliged to give them to you ) and come back on here and print the figures out in their entirety  including the figures in 

    ( brackets )  these are the ranges of your lab and show where you are in the scales .

    We can then have a look and tell you what happens next !

    If you have Graves  ( HYPER ) then you will be offered a drug called Carbimazole  ( or similar )  and that will bring you to a ' normal ' 

    Level .. then you should try to maintain that level by supplementing ... i.e. Feeding your immune system to restore all that has been taken from it because you were running at 10 0 miles an hour !

    You may be offered Radio active iodine to destroy

    Your Thyroid ... or Surgery to remove it !

    But please do not rush into that method .... those are  IRREVERSIBLE  !

    Your doctor seems very Naive ...on the subject of  The Thyroid Gland 

    ... as many GPs  are ! 

    That's scarey !     So you need to do as much research as you can 

    For  yourself .. be strong  and 

    Google all you can about  The Thyroid and possible diseases .

    And start by telling your GP you want a proper diagnosis !

    Luv mx🌹

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       I haven't been feeling this way since high school, and dealing with it at the doctors for the last three years and still have gotten nowhere. I am seeing a thyroid specialist  and she was shocked because she said I should've been into years earlier because of my nodules. I get a blood test every three months but the Ranges are so extreme. I believe her to be a doctor that pushes the limits so they don't have to do anything. A friend of mine was diagnosed it was immediately put on medication and she's doing great I just can't get my doctor to do anything. And where I live you can't change doctors easily and Ive tried!

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       I've asked about graves disease and she says because my eyes are bulging that I don't have it I said but not everybody gets all the symptoms and she says you always get the bulging eyes I said that's not what the Internet says 

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      What you need to say is "I would like to be tested for Graves and Hashimoto antibodies to rule out an autoimmune reason for my thyroid problems that may be in addition to my nodules."  I was routinely tested for this as part of my hyperthyroid results work-up.  I didn't have bulging eyes but i did test positive for Graves antibodies.  I had very dry and irritated eyes though.  My brother also found out he cannot eat bread.  He is a diabetic and in order to get control of it, he tested his bloods one hour before and two hours after different foods he ate and bread was one that just drove his sugars up so he avoids it now.  

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      it's absolute Nonsense to say that because your eyes don't bulge that you don't have Graves' disease or are Hyperthyroid !!!

      Stupid Doctor !

      my eyes were, like Linda's , itchy , dry and irritated ..  but NOT bulging  

      i don't think there are two Graves or HYPER patients with exactly the same symptoms ... and i'm NOT a doctor !    

      she went to University ( I presume ) 

      and SHE  should KNOW that !

      But that is why ......we Thyroid patients suffer so badly, because of our Doctors ignorance of the precious Thyroid Gland.

      You should tell her that you are a member of this Website , a very highly respected website... and have been given advice from  ACTUAL 

      patients , many of whom have recovered from Thyroid disease... much to the amazement of our Physicians , who know so very little about our diseases, in spite of 7 years study.

      sorry for the rant !   but i feel so strongly about this , especially when i see that you have placed so much trust in your doctor and are getting very little in return.

      Please be strong and TELL her what you expect her to do for you.

      and get back to us with those blood results , so that WE can help you.

      Luv mx🌹

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    Usually people with nodules and goiters are HYPERthyroid.  While they may have autoimmune diseases such as Graves or Hashimoto's, they can be hyperthyroid just from the nodules and goiters alone.  I advise anyone with thyroid disease to do as much research as possible to understand the thyroid and their condition.  I will email you privately and provide some resources that will give you more information.  I have read that the gut is involved with autoimmune diseases so I am not surprised that you have GI issues as well.  Out of curiosity, when I learned this, I asked my doc to test me for an H.pylori infection even though I had no stomach symptoms and I was positive for it, so you might want to be tested for that as well.

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      I have been tested for coeliac disease twice and it is come back inconclusive and they just leave it they don't pursue it any further I've stopped eating bread because it upsets my stomach and try to avoid grains all together just to give me some peace.  I've basically had diarrhoea for over 30 years but nobody seems to care. I can't lose weight and I'm always hungry but I can ever eat anything!  My 84-year-old mother eats more than I do! I take vitamins daily and my iron levels won't stay up so I have to take that also they say iron goves you constipation I just get diarrhoea! I eat bananas daily and still get diarrhea.  I told the doctor all my symptoms point to hyper but she swears I'm hypo.  It's so frustrating when you're doing all the doctoring and the doctors do nothing! I feel like I've lost over half my life already to this as I've basically slept my life away at least try to even though I don't sleep 

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    The test I mentioned was not for Celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease.  It was for an overgrowth of a stomach bacteria called H.pylori. You need to do your research on your symptoms so you are well informed and can then ask your doctor.  Also, always get and keep a copy of your lab reports, learn what they mean and post these results to this Board along with the figures in brackets which are the ranges for normal to get feedback on them.  You are entitled to get this but you have to ask for it.  Keep  your own file on your lab tests so you can see your progress.  The more you research and learn about your disease, the better outcome you will have in dealing with your treatment providers.
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