What Amlodipine has done to me

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Hi, I am writing to you to let you know what these Amlodipine tablets have done to me.

Now, this letter is being written while am dog tired but cannot sleep, why so? please read on; and please also excuse the fact that I am using my other non-typing hand as my right hand is now what I would term partially paralyzed, (a state beyond severely numb) along with nearly the entire of the right handside of my body and insides... and obviously I'm not feeling at all comfortable, more like death warmed up... so there will be many, MANY typo and other errors here.

I am 62 years of age... I was in perfect physical shape (until now) have never drunk alcohol or smoked... and had never taken drugs prescribed or otherwise; I am not overweight, a non car driver... instead I used to walk and cycle everywhere to keep fit travelling miles. I always ate healthily as well and have hardly ever been sick in my life; but the inevitable happened and one day recently I got ill; while using my PC I began to feel dizzy... so about a couple of weeks ago I visited the Mile Road Health Clinic, Farnborough, Hants, UK and saw a Doctor Inglis who took my blood pressure and found it to be high.

She prescribed a course of 10 miligram Amlodipine tablets for  me... (a dose which I subsequently discovered from our local chemist was probably way too high and would have been a shock to most people's system... especially 1st-timers like me; 5 mil would have been far preferable).

Anyway, I began taking these BP tablets exactly as prescribed, but after some days began to notice a tingling sensation in my fingertips, (which, according to the leaflet supplied is a common side effect of Amlodipine) so I lived with it but the symptoms worsened with more tingle, numbness and even semi-paralysis... from my foot on the right-side of the body, the calf, shin thigh etc... even my right buttock - the whole lot felt/feels what I would call DEAD.

In that list I ommitted to mention the lack of sensation in fingertips on BOTH hands - also, I could no longer get a penis errection... so I can longer have sex properly... instead I have to vigourous mastebate a semi limp penis to make myself ejaculate.... which may take up to an hour to work!

So, I phoned the surgery and told them what had happened and spoke to lady at the pharmacy there, who simply recommended me to continue taking the tablets regardless... no advise on anything I could take to sleep through the pain...zilch!

So, I did that, carried on; now I can barely put one foot in front of the other... I'm a breathless cripple practically compared to how I was until just recently; I'm lethargic, cold one minute sweating the next, I have to shuffle along dragging my right leg while using a walking stick with people staring at me, often feeling dizzy and disorientated, loss of perspective - no feeling in my hand, arm or leg... I can barely get my penis out for a wee such is the lack of feeling pain the back of my neck making it impossible to sleep... pain in my breast bone area too and have trouble defalcating due to the buttock and groin numbness.

Enough was enough so I went to see our regular GP Doctor Pal, who after seeing me stumbling about and learning of all my horrific symptoms said something along the lines of ...'I think most of these symptoms have been bought on by anxiety' exacerbating the Amplodopine side-effects; but this was 5 weeks ago and I still have all of these syptoms ... in fact they have worsened in many respects...

When people see me they may think I have had a stroke...but I haven't ...my CT scan was clear and these problems are all down the right side of me. They might even think of Motoneuron Disease or MS.. that's how bad I seem... or feel.

I now have severe psychological problems as well... I feel isolated, depressed fear going out and am becoming paranoid that people are looking at me.

I have aching limbs, dizziness unable to sleep for 2 weeks bar the odd few hours here and there.

I find it difficult to wash and shave... everything takes so much effort.

Everyday seems like an uphill struggle.

When I told my GP about all of this there was no surprise at how I was and no sympathy shown either: He then kindly put me on a different BP tablet that he assured me would have no side effects, then  aplogised for not having more time to see me and left me to wobble out of the door; (I slowly shuffled past the reception like an old man of 90, rather than the rather youthful and fit 62 year old that I was and should be still....

Before leaving the surgery I sought some reassurance that all of this paralysis would only be temporary, however he offer me no such assurance saying only that the tingle 'should' clear up, but he was unsure about the rest.

Now I am positive that this disability is permanent and I no longer want to live like the vegetable I have become so fully intend to commit suicide quite soon; I cannot live night after night without sleep in agony; can you imagine NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP? Yet never once was I helped or shown how I may cope or manage with all this pain because of this trouble caused by these wretched Amlodopines.

Life at home is no longer a life for me.. I can barely get out of bed, can't sit in the settee due to discomfort... can't eat properly due to worry so all I get is acid reflux... can't concentrate...it is a living hell and several times I have said that there is no other way than to end it all.

My wife Hilary is now getting ill because of this as well, because of me moaning out in pain every night with what feels like a tourniquet around my arm, she cant sleep either and  her heart is slowing down as she already has heart complications....

Technically I was her carer because of her own condition... but now, she has become my carer... the sick looking after the sick due to Government and NHS cutbacks here in the UK, we cannot get help.

Yours, absolutely shattered and numb inside.

Kenneth John Parsons


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    Hi Kenneth. I think your complaint is more to do with the Medical Proffession more than the BP medication. I would suggest you demand/make your own appointment to see a specialist. Your treatment and side effects are out of all proportion to your original problem. It will be interesting to know how you get on. All the best.
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