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Here we go lol yet another idea of mine :roll:

Post one thing you want to achieve today! Keep it within your reach but something you know will slightly challenge you.

Each day come back to this thread and post another thing you are going to achieve that day!

I'm going to start :D

[size=18:8eab1486fa][color=red:8eab1486fa][b:8eab1486fa]Today I am going to go and spend a few hours with my mum instead of her having to keep coming here.[/b:8eab1486fa][/color:8eab1486fa][/size:8eab1486fa]

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    Silly me! :oops:

    I forgot to mention - at the end of the day or the day after, re post here saying if you achieved it or not.

    If you did achieve it - how difficult was it - how did you cope while achieving it - did you feel anxious, panicky, happy etc.

    How did you feel after you achieved it?

    If you didn't achieve it (which I bet at times all of us will not) What stopped you achieving it? List the things that stopped you. How did you feel trying to achieve it? How long did you try for? Did you try any new tactics to attempt to achieve it ie deep breathes, telling yourself you can do it over and over again etc.

    Then ask yourself, did you set too high a challenge for yourself or was it too easy?

    I hope you will all join in with this one - even you lurkers LOL

    Melbi xxx

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    Today I am coming off the citalopram.

    Had 20 mg for 2 days and my heart feels like its pounding but just taken pulse and its only 59 so why does heart feel like its racing?

    Feeling very anxious and shaky.

    Melbi x

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    Hi Melbi - it sounds like you're having a strange day today! I've only just got up, was watching Sport Relief last night (boy, that sure puts my problems in perspective) and was waiting up for the last part of Sport Relief does The Apprentice, but it got to 11.15 and it still hadn't been on, and because I had taken my usual cocktail of dosulepin and camomile tea, was falling asleep, I had to go to bed. Must have a shower and get dressed, I suppose, or it'll be lunch time!

    Weekends are a bit odd, because your usual weekday routine is all to cock, I always feel more down at weekends than during the week.

    Anyway, keep your chin up, and take care of yourself.

    smile smile

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    Having the most awful panic/anxiety attacks. Thank goodness my fella is a paramedic LOLOL

    The day at my mums is off as there is no way I can go out like this. Will try tomorrow or Monday.

    He is on the phone to my daughter now they planning something for today but havent a clue what :shock:

    Just can't wait for him to get here

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    Today I am going to have a shower and wash my hair. Then I'll dry my hair which takes ages as it's quite long.

    Here in Wales it's a very special day as our rugby team has the chance to win the Grand Slam. Everyone is excited and upbeat. Hubby will be watching all 3 of the international matches today. I don't watch Wales play as we lose if I do!! So during the match I will be rearranging my stash of craft items and then making some greetings cards (which always relaxes me as I love doing it).

    Later I shall be eating some of the lovely Welsh stew that hubby has bubbling away on the stove.

    I may do some washing and I may do some ironing depends on how lost I get in the card making.

    Later today I hope to be joining the rest of the Welsh nation in the celebrations as I'm sure our boys are going to win.

    [u:d9b7d1d73e]Melbi[/u:d9b7d1d73e] please don't come of the higher dose. The side effects will probably only last a few days then you'll be well on the way to recovery. Keep posting here as you ride the storm and we'll help you get through it. I'll even take time out from job applying to hold your hand and help you. You've been amazing to people on here and now it's our turn to rally around and help you.

    Good luck and HUGE HUGS.

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    Hello Everyone

    Today, so far I have washed up the plates for the last 2 days. Left them there to see if hubby was capable of seeing them.

    Gone over to the shop and got some loo rolls. Can't run out of them.

    Gone in to a shop and moaned about an item I ordered and paid for 3 weeks ago and still havn't got. It should have only been a week.

    Put washing in the machine. And remembered to turn it on.

    wash the smelly bins and my asthma has started up, so taking it easy for a few minutes.

    What else shall i do? Any ideas?

    Its great thinking a little job is all you have to do. I used to push myself so hard and then get upset when I couldn't manage to do it.

    Now I'm content with the little things in life.

    Big arm wrap around hugs to everyone

    Julie x :lol:

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    Today I'm taking my life back. I'm going to try anyway!!

    Enough self pity. Enough hiding away from the world. I'm going out and I'm going to be the rational, logical decisive person I was. Not the tired, scared, shell of a man I have become these last two months.

    This illness came from within. The cure must be there somewhere too.

    \"I sent my soul through the invisible.

    Some letter of that afterlife to spell

    And by and by my soul return'd to me

    and answer'd I, myself am heaven and hell\"

    Omar Khayyam (I think!)

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Best Regards

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    My next challenge for today its to lie on the sofa for an hour and do nothing.

    I have to do this or I will wear myself out.

    Not being lazy realy.

    I've managed to force a flake between my lips. Yum Yum.

    Got a nice cup of tea to help.

    Little things and often. It doesn't matter what the challenge is, its your choice.

    Lets hope I can achieve this one.

    More hugs for everyone

    julie x

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    :D Today, I am goging to have a lunch.

    Today, I am looking froward to cuddling my children , when they come home.

    I am going to clean the bluh! :oops: :P Kitchen (yawn!)

    Have a shower.

    Watch a yes a really good soopy film on dvd player....not done that in years.

    I am going to be nice to my mum. It not her problem!!!!

    I might even do some sit ups!

    I am going to phone some old friends...([b:43ed8224df](Wow!0 :shock: :D :D Take care, keepyour chins up and nipples out :D :D :oops: [/b:43ed8224df]

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    40 minutes through my task of lying on the sofa for an hour, the washing has finished and i feel i should get up to hang it out.

    I mustn't do that. I have to complete my hour of rest.

    Its so difficult, the wahing is calling me, its pulling my towards it.


    Thats better, its shut up for a little while.

    Only 20 minutes to go.

    Someone talk to me to stop me getting up


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    Don't do it Julie - show the washing who's the boss!

    I'm showered, dressed and even blow dried my hair and applied some make-up not that I look any better lol but s'pose I feel a bit better.

    Anxiety seems to have calmed down now - hope it stays at bay!

    Could be because I know my fella is on his way here. I took the 20 mg last night, so in theory if I take it in the mornings I should miss most the side effects becaue I will be asleep - right?

    Taken 20 mg this morning so will see how things go.

    Melbi xxx

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    Hi Melbi

    I've think I've beaten the washing into shape. Its still in the washing machine and I have 5 minutes of rest to get through.

    Glad youre feeling better now. I take my tablet in the mornings and then try to stay busy or sleep and I don't get any side affect any more.

    If I do I've come to terms with them and don't notice them anymore.

    Is it time to get up now?

    J x

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    Yes, Julie it's time to give that washing some attention lol.

    Don't forget to have another rest after though :wink:

    Melbi xxx

    Well done for not giving in to the washing - bet it's still there after your rest! :D

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    Doing a washing!

    Kids are on there way home!

    might even go as far as ironing


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