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don t know what s going on with me at the moment. I m worried that I m actually losing my mind. One minute I m extremely angry and then I ll be extremely happy and hyper and elevated. Then I ll have periods where I feel completely empty and disconnected. Almost as though I don t know whether I am awake or dreaming. My dreams are incredibly vivid but incredibly mundane- I do normal day to day activities in my dreams and so it is difficult to distinguish between reality. I m finding it more and more difficult to socialise as I don t feel as though I fit in anywhere and I also do not trust anybody. I hate letting people in and so I never open up the anybody, I always feel like I m boring people and that they will eventually just stop bothering with me. I have been feeling this way for a long time and I feel distressed about this. It s making it really difficult to live my life normally and some days I just can t see the point. What is this?

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    You need to discuss this condition with your condition, you are suffering many mood changes and you seem to be Manic. My mood changes like yours although with getting older my moods are not as marked.

    You need medications to calm you and stop massive mood changes. Your Doctor may in fact suggest CBT with a CPN and you will be educated on coping techniques.

    I have a dendency now to use my change of mood if possible and achieve more when Manic, Everyone is different so try not to worry, your Doctor awaits


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    Rrrr bless you, hope u don't mind asking how old r u ?? Your not a loan in the way you feel, there is a lot of us out there, if your unable to talk to friends or family, maybe look in to counciling if you feel you want to talk about the way you feel your doctor will help you with this, don't stand on your own and try and face this... I would love to feel on top of the world all the time, but life's a bitch at times and the down days always seem to out way the good ones, but at least uv started the first stage by talking on this forum, there is help, uv just got to find it, go and see your doctor if he's /she is a good one they will under stand and try to help u out... good look, my heart goes out to you and the way u feel 😀X

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      Ow lol... was not sure you was a old bogger like me😆As I had them sytoms when I was going through the menoupours a year ago, but there's no way that's happening to you, please do go to your doctors and seek help, don't feel your a let down to any one, my daughter was like you afew years ago wen she was around 26 yrs but she did talk to me, and I managed to get her to see the doctor, which she did and is a lot better now, she still as off days but on the all she is a lot better.. good luk and do what's best for you, I hope u feel some what better soon take care x

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      Han68295 you have your whole life ahead of you. Get out there and enjoy.

      Try to surround yourself with positive people. Volunteer. Just don't set

      In your room. Nobody knows what gifts you have to offer unless you

      Get out there. If you are not planning on going to school take some

      Enrichment classes. Just try not hang out at the bars. Those folks

      May not be the best friendship material. That is the olden days

      Meeting place. Just be careful if you try the internet connections.

      Here is hoping for a long and happy life with as few hiccups along

      The way.

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    Hi Han - sorry to read of your situation. It sounds like a bi-polar disorder and/or manic depression. You are young and reaching out - something many of us with depressive disorders did not do at your age because of the terrible stigma involved with mental health illnesses. There is still a social stigma because people fear what they don't understand and the automatic assumption is that the sufferer will "lose it" and become violent and dangerous - a cruel generalisation that is simply not true in 99% of cases.

    The first step to take is to make an appointment with your doctor. Describe what is happening to you. Be honest about it - he/she is not there to condemn you. Ask to be refered to a psychologist/therpist where you are able to explore your condition in a safe, open environment. Medications may be necessary, and so a referral to a psychiatrist might be offered. There is no one-size-fits-all medication for mental health illnesses, so there may be a bit of tweaking required. Meds will take 3-8 weeks to work, but should even out your mood and make the process of discussing and understanding your condition easier. Don't be afraid or ashamed. You are young and as entitled to a healthy, sunshine future as anyone else - and you can. It will take effort and may not neccessarily be easy in the interim, but the benefits will be great and you will have a deeper understanding of yourself. Best of luck to you - you are not alone and things will get better.


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