What is going on with me right now??

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So last night I was getting a bit anxious.. I took my HR and after moving around a bit, it was only 88.. I decided to calm myself down and that was that.. Now today happened.. Im so anxious thinking about my heart that I can't even function hardly.. I took it while I was calmly sitting down and it was at 88. That makes me nervous.. So after packing the kids up to leave, I was at 124.. What is going on?? Why did i feel so calm the other day on these meds with a nice cool HR of 76 and now it's higher? The meds don't seem to be working at all today.. I'm in a full panic that in sitting on my moms couch unable to really function because I'm scared it isn't normal.

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    Hi hun,

    It sounds like you are experiencing anxiety. What you are feeling is very common when anxiety flares up.

    Im not sure what medication you are on but medication doesn't fix the problem Im affraid. It helps but it doesnt take the anxiety away.

    With anxiety, you can feel great for a few weeks then out of the blue, you will feel a bit anxious then POW, it hits. Sometimes it can last a day and sometimes weeks. Thats just how anxiety rolls.

    You have to put into practice cbt, eat healthy, excercise etc in conjunction with medication before you see improvements.

    Also, why are you testing your BP? That wont help your anxiety and everyone experiences increased heart rate when they have anxiety or anxiety attacks. My heart feels like its going to beat out of my chest and this could last for weeks.

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      I'm counting it with a timer.. I'm only on buspar for Like 5 days now.. But I felt amazing the third day, even yesterday I was anxious But still functioned.. Then I took my HR and realized even though I thought it was fast, it really wasn't.. But today it seems like it wore off a bit quicker and I'm just very anxious and constantly feeling my HR. I can't take my other pill until 9pm so I still have another 4 hours.. Just trying to tell myself it's still lower than it has been but the mental side of me is just trying to pull me back into the anxiety attack.. I guess I'm worried that I'll start not feeling anything with the pills, because like I said they seemed to work much better than this in the previous days.

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      It might have been a placebo affect. Normal medication takes a while to start working i.e. 2 - 4 weeks and normally you will feel really bad before you get better. Ive never heard of buspar before?

      Don't worry so much about your HR. Its a symptom of anxiety and can sometimes make you feel like you are having a heart attack but your heart is perfectly fine. If you need reassurance, see your GP and get some tests but I would say its a harmless anxiety symptom. Its just annoying.

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      Thank you, ive actually had a ton of tests on my heart. My most recent was a holter and echo done on Thursday.. My results are due tomorrow or Wednesday so I think that may be why I'm panicky.. My ekgs, ct, chest xray and blood work has always came back normal though so I'm hoping it's nothing.

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    Your heart can beat safely at 200 bpm ( beats per minute ) next time you feel your pulse ( heart rate ) and if it actually is beating fast, just think......so.....my heart is beating faster than earlier today or yesterday, it's not going to hurt me, you may of done something without realising it to make your HR increase, just walking around can increase it as can just sitting there thinking about daily stresses.

    As lind45511 said there is plenty of things out there to re-wire ourselves, because that's all it is really, we have taught our brain to think of the worst case scenarios over time. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ) and other relaxtion techniques, mind diversional activities, etc etc. I had suffered for 26 years and put on all sorts of medication all to no avail, I developed Agoraphobia not long after my initial continous bouts of panic attacks, I was finally put onto a medication that broke that cycle and even the Agoraphobia, although I wouldn't go rushing out and asking a doctor for it as it is a highly addictive drug,it's called Kalma (Alprazolam ) I was on 1 Mg 3 times a day, now doctors will tell you that it is only a short acting drug and it goes up and down unlike Valium they say it has a more stable constant effect, for me this is untrue, Kalma works fabulously for me, Valium did nothing for me what so ever, everyone's body is different when it comes to medications, where I am from Kalma was the wonder drug where other treatments failed but it comes with a price if you have to use it long term... addiction... I am actually being weaned off Kalma now.

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