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Hi, I'm 28 years old, 1 little girl, almost 4. Posted here a while back. After extreme exercising (bouncing exercise) 3 X a wk for months and running then getting an awful cough I noticed I could feel pressure down below. I went to the GP, waiting months and thought I was getting refferred to find out I was seeing a nurse, not a consultant! She couldn't examine me due to time of the month so we just spoke and discussed basically everything I already knew! Lovely lady but a totally useless appointment and I was literally told ' keep doing your pelvic floor exercises and get on with life'.

I just feel so fobbed off! I know this is clearly a common problem in a lot of women but I feel like no one cares, no one wants to help me. I'm 99% sure it's a bladder prolapse and have good and bad days. I had a good like 2/3 wks and felt nothing! But last few days it's awful, feel loads of pressure and bulging feeling, and today for the first time i actually felt pain! I'm doing my pelvic floors and have the 'Hab-it' dvd but not feeling an improvement. I've stopped all exercise and try and sit down as much as I can but its so hard. I work in a pre-school in the morning, spend time with my daughter in afternoon then nanny 2 hours late afternoon so I feel like I'm on my feet so much! I don't know what stage I am at, if I should just carry on as the nurse advised or if I should persist with my GP to be referred so I can be properly diagnosed! I feel so alone. After 4 years of feeling like a frump, I've finally shifted my 'baby weight' and looking and feeling really good on the outside but now I'm battling this and I'm so scared. Recently single after coming out of a horrible relationship and the thought of meeting someone knew and having this problem is worrying me. Has anyone got any advice for me? What step to take next? Thanks :-(

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    I would definitely push for a referral to a urogynecogist
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    Hi Lauren, I first saw nurse specialist a year ago. 

    She asked if she could have a look at my 'bottom'?*

    As I had a rectocele and was having particular problems with my bowels that day I preferred not to be examined.

    With hindsight - what she really meant was to have a look at my vagina - which would have been fine....and she would have seen that I had a Grade3/4 rectocele and needed a referral ASAP.

    I would have had my op 6 months earlier and been in better shape for it as by the time I did have it things had really deteriorated and it was a much more complex op.

    You need to be seen again ASAP and be properly examined so that you can find out what is going on and what to do about it.

    As you are young, and unless you had a bad tear during the birth of your daughter - the chances are that you could put things to rights by not doing high impact exercise for a while and really working very hard with the pelvic floors to strengthen them up.

    *Bottom to me means your backside.

    I know some people call their nether regions a 'front bottom' and have a 'back bottom'.

    When you're with a nursing professional you sort of expect them to call a spade a shovel.rolleyessmileeek


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      My 6 week post-op check isn't till next Monday - the10th -so I just haven't

      gone there yeteek

      As I'm 63 and Mr Gnomebottom is 67...it hasn't been at the top of the list of prioritieslol....well, at least not mineeek...

      I had to 'shut up shop' many moons ago as my 'under carriage' was in such a state it was declared a no-go-area.

      Realistically....I'm not expecting much of a sexual rejuvenation/revival.

      When the surgeon asked if I still wanted to be sexually active after the op and I said "Well, Mr GB and I aren't exactly wild sex fiends...but the odd cuddle with benefits might be nice"....

      ...she scribbled a few lines and said she would try to do her best....

      She said much the same when she came round after the op....that the op had been very complicated but she'd 'done her best'.....

      As there were three other ladies on the ward it was hardly the time to ask if I was going to be able to 'resume marital relations'...we were almost talking to each other in code...with knowing looks thrown in for good measure.

      I'll let you know how it goes....if it goes...do not hold thy breathredface

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    Can't your GP assess it by doing a simple vaginal examination? Just the same as when you have cervical smear done. You need to know what Grade of prolapse you have so you know then if excercise may help, or it's too far gone for that & you need surgery. Best of luck and push on at them to get to see who you need to to get the diagnosis and advice you need.

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    Hi Lauren,

    Deep breath. Don't panic. Take stock of where you are. Ideally you need an accurate diagnosis then you can make informed decisions. You should ask to be referred to a Physiotherapist firstly. You have the Hab0it DVD, that’s good - follow it, to the letter, but get some outside help from a Physio. Strengthen your pelvic floor as much as possible, look at using a vaginal pessary for extra temporary support.

    Take a Vitamin d3 supplement, clinically proven to help with pelvic floor muscle exercising

    Watching your weight is good, don't lose track of that.

    Surgery - you can explore that option, but beware many prolapses reappear if you do not change what you do! I suspect you are young by your year above, so you have plenty of time to strengthen your pelvic floor, it will be worth it.

    Your prolapse will change depending on your cycle. When your period is due you may have more heaviness, less bladder control and less muscle tone. All to do with hormones, but understand you will have good days and bad days. The joy of being a woman!

    Follow low impact exercise - look out for Michelle Kenway's Safe Pelvic Floor Exercises for Prolapse.

    Sex? My friend had a bladder prolapse and husband likes the fuller feeling in her vagina. Men don't usually notice and it should not impair your love-life. There is a link to a help section for safe positions to try with prolapse.

    What I want to say is that there is no magic wand, just hard work and patience, whatever route you take. Many women live happily with prolapse and just adjust how they do things. You've done great over the last 4 years to shift your excess weight - that is such a big help, and you are eager to strengthen up, so please do not despair.


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