what's should I do ? Is it susiced thought ?

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Hello everyone

I'm now in week 6 on Citlopram and week 5 from increasing the dose to 20 mg

I still have anaxity comes and goes

but it's been a week now feeling up for one day and down another

that's med me more anxiety and depressed , becz I want to feel normal as soon as possible

I feel unbalance and can't trust my mood sad

today I feel depressed nothing make me happy

but I can function but feeling sad scar me that I will not recover and maybe I need to increase the dose

and I don't want to

I can't wait another month and face other sied effect

I do use Dizepam but rearly cuz afried from addiction

what's make me scre more that I imagine myself give up and doing something to myself but I know I will not and I can't but that scare me , this idea screa me is it consider susiced thought ??

and what make more pressure on me that I think I have deffeclty falling asleep most of the day but my GP refuse to give me sleeping tablet cuz I have to weak up to my baby

so is that deffeclty fall a sleep counsedr insomnia ? in some days I onley sleep for on or three other another sleep for long more than 8 hr speacily with Dizepam but if I take it late and my anxiety goes up , Dizpeam can't help and I can't never sleep , is that becz of Cit ? when the anaxity and insomnia finshed ? should I used sleep adi ?

I feel I'm stuck sad should I ince or decrees the dose ? is it to much from me

or should I wait and everything will becom batter

everyone told me to wait more week but I'm fried that my conduction getting worse

please helped me and guid me

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    Hey there Roby. I would give it more time for sure. This stuff really works but you have to give it time----lots of time. I felt really crappy for the better part of 4 months but I feel much better now. Have you tried accupuncture? I did and it helped also. Unfortunately where i'mbfrom it can get expensive. But try to give it more time and eead the different posts that are here. I think the majority of the ppl here have felt like you are feeling and most are feeling better after giving it time!!!!!!
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      thank u so much for or reapplying

      no I didn't try it , is it help with recover fast ?

      I think I will give it more time , I will try to be pation ūüôŹūüŹĽ

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    I was ill for 15 years, and within 6 months of being on these meds I recovered.  They will work for you.  I recovered on 20mg.

    What you're feeling at the moment is perfectly normal.  You're recovering, and your mood will be up and down for a while yet.  Some days you'll feel,like you've just turned a corner and this are looking up, and the next you'll back down again.  It's how the meds work.

    Youll get side effects every time you increase or decrease your dose.  I'd stay on 20mg for a while now so your body gets used to it.  Too frequent increases and decreases will make your body feel all over the place.  Whatever dose you're on, you'll still go through the same process of recovery.  A higher dose doesn't necessarily bring recovery to you any quicker either.  However ...... you've come a long way already and recovery is there waiting for you.  I was in the same boat as you once - I could not endure the pain and terrifying feelings for a moment longer ..... but I carried on and eventually I recovered.  

    Count  T recovery in months, not weeks.  As each month goes by there'll be small changes.  It will happen.

    Scary thoughts are a side effect of the illness.  This isn't you, it's because you're ill.  The meds can exaggerate your symptoms temporarily, but they will ease off in time.  You get caught in a cycle of depression - anxiety - negative or scary thoughts - and so on and so on, all feeding off each other.  The meds will break that cycle, and will relieve the depression and so the anxiety and thoughts too.  I was very scared when I was ill.

    Your sleep will return in time.  Ask you doctor if you can take melatonin tablets - melatonin is what makes us sleep.

    At the moment you can't see an end to this because you're stuck in the dark place, but believe us when we say it will get better, you will get out of this, you will feel happy and anxiety free again.  We've been there in that dark scary place, and these meds have helped many of us recover.

    If you're feeling suicidal, please talk to someone and do tell your doctor.  I was exactly like that and I did take an overdose once and rang the Samaritans.  I was quite ill following that episode and was a complete mess.  This was all before I started these meds.  These meds really do work.

    Just keep going on the 20mg.  Push on through everything, however bad you feel.  Remind yourself you're recovering and it will get better.  Keep posting on here as everyone will help you.  You're not alone.

    K xx

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      I really really appreciate ur time and effort for writing this words , u don't know how ur words give me the hope I need , the pation I must have

      ur words give me the strong to stand

      I was really disappointed yesterday and I feel no one can understand me or feel how I feel

      thank u so much

      u will read ur post whenever I feel weak , I think it will help me to stuck with medication

      I know I need it , and I want to recover

      regarding the tablet that help with sleeping

      is it okay to use it for one month ? I I will not be addicted ?

      yeah posting here is powerful tool for me

      it's really halpful , speaciiley when reading post like ur post :")

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      Roby. I listened to Katecogs advice awhile back and I am sooooo glad I did. I was also questioning whether these meds we gonna help me. I feel so so much better today. I know I may have blips ahead but more importantly I know they will be temporary. Please listen to her words as she knows thid med and has helped so many of us!!!!
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      thank u so much I will leasnt

      u give me a hope too

      I don't know what I would do if I didn't find this amazing forum

      u r all amazing and make us more strong

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      Hi Roby

      This is good forum and its so good to share stories, find help and support and also help others too xx.  Nobody can understand what you're going through or what you feel unless you've suffered with it yourself.  The actual experience of this illness is so different to just trying to explain it to people.  

      You'll have many disappointing days ahead, but they will get less.  I never thought I'd recover, especially after being ill for such a long time, so was surprised when I began feeling better.  Let the meds take as long as they want, don't try and hurry it, keep posting on here about how you're feeling as there's many people here who will support you.  You're not alone, and we all know what you're going through as there's many who've been through it and have recovered and many are still recovering and are on the same journey as you.

      The melatonin tablets are herbal and bought over the counter.  They're not addictive.  Speak to your doctor about them though before buying, just to check its ok to take them whilst on your prescribed meds.  I've never taken them but have read on here some have.

      Keep in touch xxxx


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