What type exercise?

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What type of exercise do you need to do to lose weight??

and in what order LOL

I know nothing about workouts (hence why I am on these tablets :lol: )

BUT if I was to go to the gym or \"UP\" my exercise what should I be doing??

I already poo pick my horses field every day, and have to walk up a large hill with a wheel barrow full of poo.. then have to carry or barrow 3 10 gallon water barrels each day and also a huge load of hay..so thats a normal day.. what can I do on top of that to help the weight on its way..

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    Morning Kayos

    hope you don't mind but I took your weight from the start/goal thread and put it in a calorie exercise calculator

    your already busy, but if I was you, I'd do something I enjoyed doing, and you have the ideal 'tools' for exercising, did you know grooming your horses for one hour will burn nearly 800 calories, thats more than an hour at the gym smile

    for those without horses, what I started doing was just walking my dog, I picked a walk I enjoyed, just to my local park, stop to feed the ducks, stop at some steps for a sit down and a rest, stop 20 mins later and sit on a wall and it was taking me up to 2 hours a day, the same walk now takes me 45 minutes! and I now do this every day without fail

    In August I bought myself an exercise bike, them saddles arn't made for a butt my size I swear :twisted: when I first got it, I struggled to do the minimum of 15 minutes, my legs were fine, my breathing was fine, my arse hurt sooo much *laughs* gradually I've built it up and now do 30 mins at a time, I aim for getting on the bike 5 times a week sometimes its more, sometimes its less .. whose counting lol

    and then just recently, I've noticed my arms looking rather wobbly *groans* So I've started using my sons dumbells, as for what I am supposed to be doing with them I have no idea haha I just look at the pictures and try to copy them .. so dont follow any advice I say regarding the weights lol

    6 months ago I hated any sort of exercise, now I kinda enjoy it, wish I had horses tho :wink:

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    No..I don't mind at all..

    I am hopeless with working out calories and things like protein,carbs etc..

    ANway...so 800 calories for grooming a horse!!! Those poor horses are gonna be shiny LOL..

    I also help out at my daughters riding school on SAturdays, which can include leading out ponies for an hour (me walking) or ruggin up huge horses, catchin them in the field (its a huge field and they hide at the bottom!!) and over the weekend walk out with my daughter on her pony...(for around an hour or so)

    I do want to go to the gym..but I suppose I am more embarrassed that someone will see me LOL..

    ANd I don't think I would last 5 minutes on any of the machines..

    I have an elliptical cross trainer thingy that I can go for 2 minutes :oops: and a Lateral thigh trainer which i am \"working up\" to more steps.. I now do 75 steps 3 times a day.. the funny thing is..I can walk for miles and be fine..its the more active stuff I find hard..

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    Hi Kayos

    When i went to the gym for the first time yesterday i was really dreading people looking at me and being judgmental.

    i actually asked my instructor if it was friendly and if people were likely to have a look at me sweating at the lowest tension on the machines and have a giggle.

    she said \"of course not Pen, its a very good atmosphere in there\"

    and when i got in i could see it was true. There were skinny people, normal people and cuddly folk smile (like meself)

    I did sweat on the lowest tension machines whilst folk right next to me seemed to be attempting to run to france at the rate they were going. But NO-ONE made me feel out of place.

    Plus at the gym you will find people in the same boat as yourself and even just yesterday a couple of folk were talking to me and were so friendly. it put me right at ease and im looking forward to going back this morning!

    MissP xx

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    LOL Maybe I will come to your gym then :lol: You ain't that far away!

    I think the thing is.. that what people consider fat is different.. I am fat LOL.. but I don't consider people who are an 16 or 18 as fat..

    I would be happy in a size 22.. and 18-20 would be great and a 16 would be amazing! (Currently squeezing into size 26 jeans)

    The gym I was intending going to is in our local authority sports centre.. (and as I work for the same Local Authority...I get in cheap £2.35 for an hour instead of £4.70)

    It is just a smallish room kind of out of the way.. as in people won't see you unless they are in there or come nosing in the door LOL

    Its got a few treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, sit down bikes, weights and a few other bits and peices..its all light and airy and mirrors EVERYWHERE!!

    I am taking my youngest to her swimming lesson tonight and might just pluck up the courage to ask what I need to do..(I know I have to do an induction thingy before I can go in..If I get that overwith then I can have a quick look to see who is in before I decide if I am goin in or not LOL)

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    [quote=\"Kaelea\"]Morning Kayos

    hope you don't mind but I took your weight from the start/goal thread and put it in a calorie exercise calculator quote]

    Kaelea, where did you find that exercise calculator?

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    hey kayos smile

    if you ever want to try a gym out for size with someone else then i am more than willing to be chummed along to my one.

    and your right fat is different to different people. But i think theres a few skinny/fit folk at the gym who used to be fat!

    its worth a shot if its going to help you reach your goals!

    good luck if you do decide to go to your local gym for the induction. let us know how you go

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    NorthernG .. I've pm'd you with the link

    Kayos .. get yourself to the gym lass, you can do it!

    I used to go to a gym about 11 years ago, I loved it, I used to get such an exercise buzz from it, It was always full of friendly peeps and no one ever commented on any of the larger ladies .. back then I was one of the 'lycra ladies' and I can honestly say I never sneered or passed comment on anyone overwieght that went there, and I never knew anyone that ever did smile

    to be honest and in my own opinion only, in these days of political correctness, its still ok for people to make jibes and take the micheal out of overweight people which totally sucks

    but average joe has a lot more respect for a 'cuddly' in the gym than they do a 'cuddly' walking down the street with a bag of chips

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    Hi everyone,

    A good amount of exercise is done while you are going around doing your daily chores of the day. The extra walk, dance while putting the cleaner over. The extra walk up and down the stairs etc. So its suprising what you do.

    I have found a good website where i joined as a member and didnt pay anything and you can get lots of different work outs. Like aerobics, dancing, bums and tums etc. They last for up to 30 mins so i wouldnt recomend you do a full 30 mins straight away as i sure felt it when i did it haha :lol: The site is googled as slim tree.

    Its just until you build up your confidence i found it easier to do it in the comfort of my own home.

    Also some gyms you can be referred to by your gp. Giving you reduced rates. Some gyms also do sessions just for women.

    I have also found that i have got used to going to the gym. I go in with a smile and hold my head up high not to show how i really feel inside which is extremely nervous and shy. I get a better response i feel. I like to take my own music. Also i find curcuits on the equipment is what is helping me loose inches. I have 10 peices of equipment and i do 1 min and go around them 2 times straight away, my only recovery is getting to the equipment and setting it up and having a drink. I have since increased to 2mins x2.

    Hope that this might help someone else so far in 4wks i have lost 24.5 inches from all over my body and 10lbs in weight.

    Which i am still in shock of.

    Good luck to you all. :D

    Take care

    sh ;-)

    \" dont let our fears stand in the way of our dreams\"

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    i have been referred to our local gym by the g.p which is totally free (because of medical referral) and on a night where it is all g.p referrals... so no embarrasment were all in the same boat! so its always worth talking to your own g.p and seeing if they do the same thing.. keep up the good work...

    xx Andrea

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    Oh thats it! I'm sulking big time now lol

    I want to go to the gym, I just can't afford to

    my doc offers nothing in the way of help in that respect

    I'm actually seeing her later and I'm going to argue the toss *stamps feet*

    after all I am saving her the cost of a gastric bypass *laughs*

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    Don't think my doc offers that either!!!

    I put in an application for a job last Thursday for a large supermarket..eitehr stacking shelves or chekout.. I got a call last night at 4pm asking me for an interview at 8pm..

    Went in.. had interview..spent 20 minutes on shop floor..and got a call at 10am asking me to start on Thursday!!..

    I am now a checkout chick LOL.. BUt in between I have to stack the sweets.. yes thats STACK not SNACK.. so all that walking about will help

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