Where does depression come from?

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Yep I think its chemical, BUT life triggers depression.

I get the feeling that a lot of depression issues happen cause we have skills in something but cannot use them. Maybe computers have killed it off or its outsourced.

I am watching the Michael Moseley DVD "The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion" along with his other DVD on the discovery of medicines.

In it, he goes on about the different inventors - some on the biggest breakthrus were non-professinal, non-tech people that found a pattern, or were obsessive about something untill they found the reason after 700 expriments etc etc.

The problem in todays age, is that computers have taken over a lot of the testing / experimentation where they test combinations of chemicals to see if one will cure a cancer for example.

There doesn't seem to be any jobs that have this sort of "hey join us and have a look around, see what you want to do"

It is now ALWAYS pigeonholed into "This job has THIS task and you need THIS qualificaton" and you only do that task cause the contract works that way. We really have become robots.

SO for the creative, chaotic people like me, I can't see any future for my design / pattern finding skills and this is one of the major triggers for my depression.

I'm in the wrong job but I can't see what job is right for me.

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    Another place is obviously relationships - family, and partners, but also the ability to relate to the world (ie WHY would they want this to happen?)

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    Next : what we get filled up with.

    "Kid goes missing - searchers looking for him." good! so there is help, but why discuss the search when it is in India? why not promote it in the area where people can do something about it like keep an eye out ?!?.

    Press. How much that we see on the news can we *actually* do something about?

    The recent Martin Place siege (just up the street from my work) highlighted this. The amout of support the press gave the the sieger - live reports so he knew what was happening via tablet, promotion; forcing the PM to make a statement, and also to pass it to the US president.

    They had photos of the marksman so he cannot be used in another siege cause he has been publically identified.

    After, the press weer running reports on themselves. The media guy that supplied the live feed is a hero and will probably get an award for his coverage. (WHAT??)

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    What job are you in? I am doing customer service and I am ready to snap
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      JOB SWAP!!

      I'm in Technical Library so it is really regimented. "Place barcode on the 3rd page, lower right." etc etc

      When I was in I.T. I could drop everything and switch from printers to cabling to training in a second and enjoyed it. (but like the Library position, I couldn't Improve anything.)

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      Well you would not believe the rules they have here. It's a rec center and kids can't play in the gym unless X and they must have green shoes on Tuesday etc etc etc
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      Well, I heard recently that the Army cannot shout at people during interrogations cause thats threatning.

      *shakes head*

      Rules for everything. I have to tell my assistant I'm going to the toilet just in case she is not aware she will be alone.

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    When you crioss the road without looking you get this bolt of chemicals and a pit in the stomach feeling when the horn goes off.

    If you think about it, the chemicals give you another hit - and reset the "forgetter". again you remember it and so the process repeats.

    Supposedly emotion dissapears after 15mins the "forgetter" times out, but it cannot with this type of use. Its like pressing the reset button in the stairwell.

    The more this happens, the more the memory stays in the brain as a warning to look next time.

    SO now what happens if you do this for something you are anxious about?

    SAME THING.. repeated sick feelings about going to see the family at Christmas makes the brain go "Right I should not go!"

    Any issues like having a breakdown - cry session will repeat / confirm this feeling.

    Some people - Definitely me can 'video' this incident and the more the incident is replayed, the more it sticks and overrides other happy emothions.

    I can tell you exactly what happened / felt / said / smelt on August 23rd 1998 at around 11pm when a major life incident happened. Same as 12th June 1986 at 8.30pm

    I can repeat for several thousand incidents. I call them socks in the dryer, cause that seem to tumble around and then one or two will come forward to cause an issue then go away to be replace by another.

    I'm not some superhuman, I'm just like the guys that remember 3 packs of cards by *reinforcing* memories.

    The use for this USED to be to warn others - do not do this. -- be "the Wise person in the Tribe" or the "summariser of an incident" -- the tribe would 'Learn' from this process.

    No one listens to wise men any more as it is the warriors who own everything. the person that is first in the queue, loudest.

    The internet tells everyone what should happen but it doesn't apply to to everyone in every situation so it is wrong. The LOCAL wise person is not there any more.



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    I seem to REQUIRE to multitask nowdays.

    for example, when I think "I'll go to the shops" I must go NOW.

    I list stuff in a rush then when I forget somethng, I am not happy on myself and in the situation.

    Before it was easier to : escalate an issue to the boss, and MUSH easier forget about the problem.

    ie in the shopping example, I could say "hey could you get me some bread while you are out?" or plan another trip sometime later.

    Now its REQUIRED to be in a rush.

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      I'm obsessive (in a nice way like model trains etc.)

      I thought I didn't have ADHD - just that it was that I was getting distracted by new shinies. Nowdays I have an issue where I drop the ball half way thru doing something a bit like what my 83 year old dad does. So I find the shinie then forget why I was going to look at it.

      I think that maybe there is so much going on these days that we are trying to 'bundle' up stuff to be done in one go. I definitely do that then switch to something else that needs bundled to then forget about the first bundle which isn't good.. dunno if there is a name for that yet. rolleyes

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      Think of it this way. Computers multitask VERY WELL - no errors.


      Copy file x = 3 mins

      Copy file y = 5 mins

      8 mins total

      Now copy X, then Y while X is still copying = 12 mins.

      Even computers lose 4 mins switching from one task to another.

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      Contractors have taken over the IT. (I'm in Government)

      Contractors want a Science degree from people joining them even if they do not know their TCPIP from their CSMA/CD.

      I have 12 years "base knowledge" ie I can walk up to something and work out what is probably wrong based on what building it is installed in, etc.

      I now work with techos who are coppersmiths etc. but the "new breed" of Engineer is someone straight off the Uni who doesn't have any practical knowledge of anything. so they have the same issue.

      No one values the time actually doing the job.

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      My own computing example of 'Engineer', is I learned all about a certain type of server what it does, ow to add users to it etc etc.

      My first job, I was presented with a computer, and told to run the server.

      Problem was the trainers DIDN'T tell me what the instruction was to run the server .. It actually runs from DOS. so I was presented with a


      screen and didn't know to go


      then run sever.exe

      NOW if I had practical knowledge built up by going with some of the other techies ans seeing what they did first, THEN doing training to fill in the gaps I would have been a lot better off, and I would have not been in a position where I could have left a client's server unable to operate..

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      Part of my depression is the dissapointment that most people are now told to work on the "live" system ie on the real thing to save money but being expected to not make any mistakes, especially if the press get onto it.

      And unfortunatly the people who could have done the right thing cause they have 'gut instincts' and not a piece of paper have to watch something get totally stuffed up.

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      It certainly isn't just work in my case, although that does come into it.  It's having to stick to such a rigid routine in life, there's always pressures to 'achieve' something even if it's only cleaning the bathroom for example.  I just sometimes wish I lived in a bubble protected from the real world and be allowed to float around with nil responsibilities and stresses.  However, I'd probably get bored quickly and that would make me anxious too - can't win when  you're as flaky as I am I guess sad
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      Agree loxie

      I think as I get older, I'm now looking down rather than up. ie instead of what can I do to what have I done?

      Work-wise I had a GREAT team environment in I.T. support, but when that got sold off my personal value went down. I moved to a library / technical area where I was not allowed to touch anything. I have to follow stringent rules - some setup by me so I can cover myself in case of issues. It's all very political and I don't get any satisfaction out of it. I spose if I pur it in the Tribal parable that I use, I do not go out and bring the meat in. I just go round carrying others equiment / weapons and cleaning up as I go. So instead of being the big helpful tribe supplier, celebrating another feast. I'm in the background.

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      Also I want to help - that's my personality.

      i cannot do that and end up having to fight everything. example, i asked my assistant to do a task. A few months later and she has taken over it, and I have to fight her to keep my way of doing the task in place, AND also fight her if I want to do the task again,

      If I don't fight, she says she is doing too much so i can't win - and I end up doing less and less which reduces my worth.

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