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Hi ladies,

Three months ago I saw a gyne doctor about if I could go back on HRT.  I'd been on it for 3yrs 6 mths and had to come off due to having fibroids.  I weaned off and in January of this year I had finished the HRT.  However, I struggled with various peri symptoms and that is why my GP sent me to see the gyne for his/her advice.  

My first appointment was with a lady doctor (not the actual Consultant but one of his team).  She advised me against going back on the HRT but did offer me the Mirena Coil for heavy periods.  I found this rather strange as it's still HRT and thought it would encourage my fibroids to grow bigger.  Anyway, the lady doctor was very negative and I came away feeling annoyed that she didn't offer me anything else.  She even said I wasn't menopausal!!!!  

My appointment today was with the main man - the Consultant.  He was quick to ask how I am and said I could go back on HRT (low dose) if I felt better on it!!!  Total opposite information to that given by his junior doctor!  I told him this and he said I probably had fibroids before I went on HRT and so long as I was scanned every 6 months to check my fibroids hadn't grown then I could re-start HRT!  I also mentioned the fact that as many ladies have said on here......HRT postpones the menopause.  He disagreed with this and said that I could still go through menopause despite taking HRT.  My own body would produce hormones and my overies still work even on the HRT.

So........I'm now totally confused.  What am I supposed to believe?

I've been free of HRT for 8 months, last two periods have become lighter.  I know I'm not ovulating as I could tell when I was (without going into detail).   Must admit I felt LOADS better on HRT......no longer needed anti-depressant, felt energetic (now I always feel lethargic) lost weight (have put on over a stone since finishing HRT) and the list is endless.  The only thing it didn't help was my hot flushes!  But I've not found anything that helps the flushes.

Any suggestions ladies?  I'd love to go back on the HRT but I've come this far....naturally, do I stick with it?

Can't believe the conflicting information from both doctors!!  Doesn't give me much faith in the NHS to be honest :0

Elaine x

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    Its hard to belive any doctor when it comes to medication problems i have a hard time beliveing doctors myself go with your own judgement on this if you don't want to be on HRTs than don't if you do than go back on its your call and your body and how you feel on HRTs 
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    Hi Elaine, there are a lot of myths surrounding HRT, a lot perpetuated on forums like this.

    I have been using oestrodiol oestrogen for 25 years now, in the form of implant, patch and gel (the highest level).  I top up with the patch or gel when I feel my oestrogen has run out (i.e. gel with patches that don't last the 7 days, and patches when my implant ran out too early).  I don't intend to stop, so if the myth is true that I am only delaying menopause is true, then it does not matter because I am not going to stop to find out.

    Besides, technically, I am in menopause of course - no longer having ovaries nor a uterus, but I am reducing the effects and complications to my health by using HRT.  I also take some progesterone to stop any remaining endometriosis from being activated by the oestrogen.

    Maybe your level of hrt was insufficient if you were still having hot flushes.  Did you feel waves of anxiety or depression at times = insufficient oestrogen.  Vagifem vaginal pellets and oestrodiol vaginal cream are magic too on top of your hrt medication.  It does not add more oestrogen but only treats the area it is meant for.  Avoid oral oestrogen, it is not bio-identical.

    If you want to find out for yourself, read MEDICAL scientific research, but you must read the whole papers to ascertain under what conditions the research was carried out - not just the end result, because it may not pertain to your personal circumstances.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Ladies,

      ​Thank yoiu for your replies.

      ​Sheryl I didn't really suffer from anxiety but I did have depression and was on AD before I went on HRT.  I felt so good on HRT that I came off the AD's and haven't had them since, although the doctor has given me a prescription again now that I'm no longer on HRT.  I don't intend using AD's again though.  I've not been too bad.  When I first came off the HRT I was all over the place both with moods and periods but my body seems to have settled down in the last 2 months.  Certainly my last two periods were much lighter.  I think I will carry on naturally and see how it goes.  At least I have the option of re-starting HRT if I really need to.

      ​Thanks again for your help.  I will battle on!!

      E. x

      ​P.S.  Wish I could win the battle of the bulge.  As much as I try it's not shifting yet lost it without trying on HRT?!

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      In general, women on hrt are slimmer than those that are not.  Insufficient  oestrogen is famous for stacking on the weight.  Hrt seems to make it easier to lose weight or not put as much on.  Otherwise we have to try harder to lose it.

      Eliminating foods with sugars and starches gets rid of 'middle age spread'.

      Good luck with it all.


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    Hi Elaine, if you can stay off hrt that might be the better option. On the hot flushes I have been advised to use sage drops, just a few drops a day in a glass of water helps. Not started them yet myself as I'm on the brink and not having the full blown ones yet.

    The lethargic feeling could possibly be due to low iron levels. Then again reading others posts on here, you need to request your doctor to do full blood check to determine if your thyroids levels are right.

    Many doctors write us off as menopausal and ignore the basic checks needed to rule out our bodies basic issues.

    The best advice is try sorting one thing out at a time, might bring more solution to other issues quicker than going for the big one.

    The weight gain could be due to you feeling lethargic our body craves sugar to counter act it, look if you are eating more junk type food to ease the cravings.... I noticed that my sugar cravings has sky rocket and I was never one for sweets and cakes.

    Hope you find the path of well-being soon.



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