Who forgot His tablets then

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Last night like a clown I forgot to take my medications, I have them worked out so I take the drugs that make me sleep like Tramadol, Amytrptalene, Citalopram and several others

What happens in my case I suffer severe waking nightmares and I wake up in the morning like something like the cat brought in.

Sad to say I have to take my night tablets after breakfast and my Statins at lunchtime so I do not mix certain medications. So today has been one big yawn where I have not been able to sleep, and my concentration has been really shot.

Pleased to say I am back on track tonight and my Wife Hazel has given me my nightime medications.

The problem I have is I am not trusted with my medications and I have to be given them because of my suicide attempt, and a backslide I took several months ago, The crisis team had been called and I was seen by several Specialists and now I will be seeing my new CPN next week. So walking out the house and disappearing did not do me any good. All I did was walk out on the Crisis Team and did not return after they had waited to see me for two hours. Aparently my wife was supposed to call the Police to find me if I had not returned home by a certain time. Glad to say I was back before the given time so that has caused me further grief.

We can do really strange things when we are feeling low and in a way I had not done myself any favours.

Now I am calm and feeling not so bad, although I am still feeling the backlash. When depressed we can make people who love us so depressed by our actions. We need to think before we jump I suppose


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    Hi Bob, I am glad the storm has passed. Don't beat yourself up about it too much.

    Also, Bob, I don't know if you realize this, but you have helped me, A lOT. When I first came here so depressed you were the first to give me hope.

    You help people here. You are a valuable person. I am so glad that it seems you have a good marriage and that I believe you also have God. You will be in my prayers. You are a lovely person and I always look forward to your replies to different peoples posts.

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    I JUST saw this today : exhaustion and depression can be tied to stress & cortisol levels build up in the body. As well as weight gain.Stress being the main culprit.

    Subject:ON CORTISOL = STRESS BUSTERS :Zinc & selenium,Brazil nuts , = iodized salt, need-ashwagandha 1 capsule=thyroid.

    Cortisol = stress hormone: solution for stress= lower cortisol eat whole grain cereal breakfast, 1/2 cup middle day - omega 3 = salmon, beans , afternoon eat- kiwi, vitamin C stops cortisol papaya, oranges and zinc. For dinner meat, red or white, always 1/2 cup each time. The thyroid controls hormones signaled in the brain to the body together with the adrenal glands, regulates every system in our body. Including mood swings. Eating foods can help with the blues.

    It all makes so much sense it's all about understanding and living with depression.

    So many suffer with depression need hope and understanding from others.  Depression is not a good place, especially if you find yourself stuck.

    As we all have those down days, depression is different that just feeling down. It's more that overwhelming darkness that can get a grip and it's hard to break loose. 

    Ways to break loose : I love to listen to music and do something for a neighbor, play with my beloved animals, exercise. Takes me somewhere else & I feel better. In just a matter of a few minutes.

    Anxiety and panic attacks are the worst. Meds do help. 

    No one on earth chooses the pain of depression.It strips us of everything we need to use to cope.

    It is very overwhelming. I hope you understand Bob, as sometimes it's hard to say what I mean without it being misunderstood. Words are a funny thing and I have a hard time with saying what I want to say, and there is always that one person who will always find fault in what I say. Create more stress.

    These dark days will pass too. As drs find help for us when we ask & clearly need it. Drugs are tricky to find the right one for depression.

    You are a precious gift to your family, living breathing you have a reason for being here. I truly believe that. I always feel like there are times when everything I do is wrong when I try to encourage others. My linguistic skills are not the greatest. But I want you to know my heart is in the right place. 

    Maybe not everyone see's eye to eye on many thoughts but we do know how depression feels. It's different for everyone but miserable once your in it's clutches. 

    It does take time to find the right diagnosis for depression, seasonal depression or clinical depression, stress, or whatever the cause. I believe we all are helping each other the best way we know how thru kindness and caring for our forum friends. 

    Happiness, Laughter, & Peace

    Hope xxxx


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      Yes hope I know above we are all very techy when we have our Depressions, My problem is basically a Reactive Dpression who in the past tried to take His Life

      The problem is when that happens, we are never allowed to forget we did try, so we are watched by those who have our interests at heart.

      My carer, wife never waits to see where my mood is taking me and this time when I walked out the house phoned the Crisis Team in case I ended up in a ditch. In fact when out I fell several times and I was lucky someone lifted me up

      The crisis team arrived and waited for two hous for my return and were ready to send out the Police to find me, thank goodness I returned before the boys in blue were called

      In my case my condition needs Steriods and NSID medications and we put on weight just by the smell on food, also it can be common that PSA is treated with DMARD and Biologic medications to reduce an attacking immune system, so we end up quite ill as the drugs are used as Anti Cancer medications, so Depression is a real problem.

      In the past because of all my treatment I wanted to put something back so I was on various Organisations attached to Mental Health Matters. Of course that means nothing when it comes to our own Mental Health fears. I have since my relapse had to remove myself from various Organisations, Now I hope to return soon as I miss the interraction of all staff members and making Policy.

      Depression and Anxiety wrecks lives and it not only effects Patients also work colleques and all family members.

      Forums are importand to people who need people in many instances they do not know or see, where they can let rip their fears.

      Thank you for your reply, all noted and I agree with all


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    Hi Bob i am so glad you are back on track. please take care of yourself. I'm so glad you have the loving support of Hazel.

    I Know when we are in a crisis we don't tend to think straight. Sorry for the typos my system keeps going wrong.

    Good Start to the day.

    Pleas take care, did you Manage to get to the boat show?

    Tina x

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