why does anxiety make you freak ?????

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Hey everyone man this anxiety stuff is horrible

Im always freaking out about normal every day things like BLINKING OR BREATHEING OR JUST NORMAL STUFF. And every time one anxiety symptom go's away here comes another worse and scarier one.im not on any meds at the moment and i see my psychiatrist next month for the very first time so hopefully he can give me a therapist because i want to try natural remedies first before i try those anti-depression are anti-Anxiety pills.. appreciate yall listing thanks.

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    Are you getting any therapy sergio?

    Anxiety thrives of fear the more frighten we become it just feeds the anxiety.

    You have to learn to train yourself to deal with anxiety and learn coping mechanisms.

    Meds alone will not help anxiety

    I am in meds but I have depression with the anxiety

    Stay Strongcry


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    Hi Sergio,

    You're not a freak. Extreme anxiety can cause a panic attack. I've been a sufferer for most of my life. I'm 35 😑.

    U can try 5htp (natural remedy). I haven't tried it as I'm afraid of side effects. Was on antidepressants for years...not on any currently...but my doctor wants me back on them. I'm very hesitant.

    Do u have specific triggers or it is general anxiety disorder?


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      Just when i plan things i get very nervous because i might mess up the plans because i might not feel well do to my anxiety are sometimes i always worried about BLINKING to many times are constantly looking at my stomach going up and down because im afraid i might stop BREATHEING. Anxiety freaks me out bad
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      I get it. I really do. Anxiety does that to one....and it's only gotten worse for me. You just have to realize that this does pass when it happens ...and focus on trying to breathe deeply and slowly. (Which I know can be difficult during a panic attack).

      I hope you can find some relief.

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      i agree with sandi, 

      Try deep diaphramatic breaths.......breath in through your nose so your stomach expands (not your chest) hold it for 3 seconds and slowly release through your mouth so your stomach goes down and your chest seems to go up.

      Take as many of these as needed until you feel calm.

      It increases oxygen flow to your brain and helps calm you down. 

      You can do these as little or as often as needed. 6 usually does it but you can do more if you want.

      It's a proven calming exercise.

      Best of luck, hope it helps.

      D x

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    sounds like you need therapy or counselling.

    When is your appointment?

    Will you be okay until then?

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    What you are experiencing is panic attacks. Theres a part of your brain called the amyglada. In there is your memories and fear..etc..there is a "switch" or nuerotransmitters that when they are triggered, and with panic attacks its triggers from sensory overload, they sihnal adrenaline to flood thru your body. It in return is the fear you feel. Your body signaled you are in danger and a sense of fear runs thru you and effects seventy percent of your cody. Its a 10-15 cycle of very uncomfortable sensations and your body feeling its in grave danger. So during that time its important to understanf the scoence of it so you do not jumo to thinking you are dying bascially. You need to figure out self calming tools like proper belly breathing, self talk, cbt, mindfullness to self calm. If you feed into this the cycles will keep repeating until you exhaust yourself. You will end up googling symptoms and trying to find a disease to rationalize out what is truly an adrenaline rush. The best natural remedy you can use is your mind. Learn to self calm. Eat healthy and balanced and take lots of walks. Accept the disorder because it wont just go away anyway and the less you fear it the better life younwill lead. If done correctly when the fear triggers it will last ten to fifteen minutes and b  done. You still will get the 
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      Panic attack but if accepted wont recycle sorry it cut me off. There are theories behind eating a clean diet to reduce food sensitivties and body inflammation. So eating healthy can only help. No caffiene, or any stimulants. Your dealing with a disorder. B complex suppliment, co enyme q10 or ubiqinol, vitamin c, and if you own a juicer celery juice. A cuo a day. And eat fresh holy basil a half a cup a day. Thise have calming chemicals in them. At night suntheanine l theanine will help you sleep. Therapy is a good idea. Some use meds, they work in half the people who use them. Good luck..its a journey. 
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      Like I said before, if you need anything, post on here or feel free to send me a PM.

      You are not alone.

      You can beat this.

      Good luck and all the best!

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