why won't anybody take this seriously??

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Hi all

My name is Lisa and I've been suffering with health anxiety for nearly 5 years now. I have hypersensitivity so every tiny change in my body, I feel and dwell on. I get all the usual anxiety symptoms....chest pain, palpitations, chills,nausea, racing heart, hot flushes, a feeling of impending death. Although I've been diagnosed with health anxiety, no healthcare professional has offered me any help. No meds, no therapy, nothing. Every time I visit my gp worried over a health issue, I get told its anxiety with no tests. They listen to heart, lungs and check my bp, but that's where it stops. I'm just trusting the words of my gp with no proof that I'm not seriously ill. Its gotten to the point now that I'm having attacks all the time because of some new ache pain or twinge but I'm worried if I keep going to the doctors, they'll just tell me its anxiety without even checking into my complaint. Does anybody else feel like they're constantly fobbed off?? Thanks in advance for any input.

Lisa. X

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    Hi Lisa

    When you go back to the docs demand a second opinion and See a consultant. Tell him or her what you have told us on here and say how long you have had to cope on you r own.

    Also you can self refer to IAPT you will find this online in your area. They will listen.

    Good luck

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    Is there anything that you are anxious of ? or is there somethig bothering you ? or is there any one thing that is causing you to be anxious ?

    If they listen to your vital organ (heart, lungs and check bp) and it all comes back normal without any other symptoms it is usually anxiety. Same thing happened to me, i didnt even know i was anxious. Went to the docs 2 or 3 times, and they said the same things, after that i have been fine, just relaxed and bit more and kept myself busy, thats all.

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    Hi Lisa,

    It does seem to be like this with some docs, if you are concerned there is something wrong, get them to do the relevant checks this should put your mind at rest. You dont mention how old you are. Im in the process of getting tests done now. Has there been anything in particular to set your anxiety off?

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    Lisa, What I'm going to say may seem ery far out. But have patience with me, please. I used to have all kinds of fears - health issues, fear of dying, fear of fire (I couldn't stay in the best hotels without worrying that I would be caught in a fire. I would remain awake all night fearing that I would be overcome by smoke) At that time I was engaged to marry. For various reasons I broke the engagement and gradually my phobias disappeared. That was a long time ago but I still remember how frightened I was. Perhaps there is something deep down in your life which troubles you. If you could root it out you might find that your fears are unwarranted and that you could begin to enjoy life. I can understand how troubling your fears are. I truly emphathize with you. Internists, GP's, etc don't seem to be helping you. Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist? This doesn't mean that I am diminishing your fears and anxieties but I am suggesting that there might be other avenues to explore to relieve your anxiety and restore you to total health.
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    Yes i think youre right about the uncertainties in life, i think since leaving my fulltime job and my partner being overseas, this has caused a lot of the way i feel. Im trying to not let it take over but at times that seems uncontrollable. Its hard to see sometimes in life that actually our body takes over. Im just trying to sort it out so things gain some normality.

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    Hello Lisa

    I do understand your health worries but if you keep reading the wise words from people on this forum

    it most def will help. I also suffer with anxiety it wasn't until I found myself at the docs for the third time in a

    Row that I realised and looking back over the last 4 months my life has been rocked by a lot of heartache

    There is a trigger maybe sit down and have a moment of recollection you never know

    Good luck but keep talking.

    Scruffy61 xxxx

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    I use to feel just like you describe but you have to try and look at from a different angle. All tests have come back normal and as you have had this for 5 years if there was something physically strong you would have known by now. All the symptoms are classic panic disorder , the constant focus on every ache ,pain or change be it imaginary or real keeps the adrenalin pumping through your body making tgevsymptoms worse , therefore you notice the changes making even more adrenalin pump round and so the cycle goes on.

    I know it isn't easy but once you can totally accept these are panic disorder symptoms and nothing else you can then learn to accept you are not going to die from it.

    Learn how to breath properly to bring your anxiety level down, read everything you can , join the postal group 'No Panic' (brilliant help) and slowly but surely the symptoms will lessen .

    I never thought I would cope with my horiffic panic symptoms and thought those who were able to could not possibly have it as bad as me but with determination and time I have gone from living every day in a total state of panic to now ocassionaly have a ' anxiety moment ' which is still horrible when it huts but it no longer controls my life.

    It will take time and you will have set backs but the fight is deffinatly worth it in the end.

    I hope I have been able to offer you a little hope . good luck

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    Thank you guys. I started getting anxiety attacks at 30, I'm now nearly 35. My doc at the time said the anxiety was due to prolonged stress (my ex was a cocaine addict and got us into a lot of debt) however I'm not separated from him for over 2 and a half years, yet the anxiety remains. In my day to day life, I can't recognise any 'usual' trigger. Sometimes I wake up anxious and it gets progressively worse, other days I wake up fine but and then during the day or evening, I feel the symptoms coming on, or feel a change in my body and cause an attack. For example, I've had a nasty chest infection the part couple of weeks and my throat has been sore. As I was having a coffee earlier I noticed my throat wasn't hurting, so kept swallowing and couldn't tell if it wasn't hurting or was completely numb inside. I then convinced myself I'd either accidentally not rinsed the cup properly when doing the dishes and was having an allergic reaction or I'd developed pneumonia or a tumour in my throat. Then my breathing quickened so I convinced myself my airways were closing up. It seems ridiculous now I'm calm again, but at the time, I was sure I was going to die.
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