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Hi Everyone,

I went to see My Dr today, first visit in 14 years, because of work stress.

He was a new “Partner” running 25 minutes late.

The moment I mentioned to Him that I thought I was suffering from stress caused by work, and explained that I was having sleep problems,anxiety,breathing problems, fast Beating heart, etc. He had a look on His face like I was wasting His time.

He just sat there and said “what do you want Me to do about it?”, “ I don't deal with work problems”. I guess I was not expecting that! He then went on to say “ I don't give pills out for stress or sign people off”. Not that I went there for any of them in the first place!, He then gave me some leaflet to call a “support group” and said that I will have to deal with the problem Myself.

I cannot believe that He never took My blood pressure or listened to My heartbeat,considering that I am a 44 year old Male who has not seen a Dr in 14 Years, just brushed Me to one side.

I feel even worse now then before!, I went to the Doctor to get some sort of help and support, but left feeling numb.

Perhaps I should make an appointment with Doc Martin!!


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    Wow. This doctor needs reporting or something. How rude was he?..

    I'd of thrown it back at him and said " here,seems like your having a bad day so I think you need the group more than I do"!!!! 

    Try not to let this horrible man get you down. He's obviously got a really big problem,don't make it yours.

    One of the doctors at my surgery is very similar. She's very abrupt and has no compassion. She has actually said to me once " what is it what you want me to do"??

    Maybe they learn it at uni lol


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    Hi Chris, I am sorry to hear that your GP was not interested in your health. I wouldn't give up go to see another GP in the practice, book for a general check up blood pressure etc and then mention your anxiety, stress etc. It may be the other GP was having a bad day or just isn't sympathetic to Mental Health. Hope this helps.
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    Greetings Chris,

    Welcome to the world of post modern day medicine.  Yep, everything you stated, sounds to me as the wave of the future for medicine.  Hint:  From now on, prior to you going to see a doctor (as well as everyone else), call before hand and check the doctor out; i.e., see what type of medicine the does practice.  As a paying patient, you should very well have the right to this information, before you go into a waiting room, then the doctor coming in to tell you "I don't deal with work problems". Guess what?  Bet you paid for that visit to him, to be told that.  

    Here is another clue.  If a patient does not get satisfaction from a medical provider, contact your insurance carrier, or medical organization overseer and make a formal complaint.  For one, I cannot tolerate a doctor getting money from an insurance carrier, that didn't earn it.  And believe me, this is on the increase.  Patients have an option.  To make formal complaints against any medical provider, that does not do anything to the satisfaction of a patient, or leave the office with your tail between your legs, like a whipped dog.  Are you a whipped dog?

    Doctors of all kinds are now reacting and having such bad "bed side manners", because of their being overworked, understaffed, and sometimes, because they are so obstinate when it comes times to dealing with there patients, believing they are better than the patients.  To me, doctors are "hired professional people", as you go to them for their professional medical advice.  As a patient, you can either continue to put up with their bull _ _ _ _, or fire them, or not paying them for their full charges for disatisfaction of services.  Your choice.  Betcha found a different breed of medical doctor than you dif 14 years ago, didn't you?

    Stand up to those quacks that call themselves "doctors", and investigate in the future before you make an appointment call.  Save yourself some heartache and time, and don't forget, you have the right to "fire" so called medical professionals, that act this way to a patient.

    Good luck!


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    Yes a appointment with a new Dr. Then a serious complaint against the one you saw! It doesn't matter what he thinks is right or wrong for work stress, he can't act like that its just not allowed. Get him reported or hell just keep doing it!
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    Hi Chris I've had a very similar experience and to be honest there are many doctors like that, they see anxiety as a waste of there time and money, the trouble is if you've not had anxiety then you would never understand! What I would do is if your worried about your health then ask for the health mot as you 40 plus you should have one anyway, in fact I'm sure you should have received a letter from your docs for this as you've reached 40!! 

    Obviously see a different doc than the last dip stick!!   And whilst your having these test just explain that you've been feeling stresses and unwell and I'm sure your get a different response I hope this helps kind regards Simon 

    Ps I suffer from gad and health anxiety and have done for 20 years I'm 42 if you need any advice just ask!

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    I would ask to see the senior partner at the practice,or I would see  there is another practice in your area.

    I have

    also had situations  like that when I have gone to the doctors and they have not bothered to take my blood pressure or listen to my heart,because they consider that each time i see them it is 'only anxiety'

    i was so frustrated that I went to a privatevGP at the local hospital and so I feel  somewhat more confident,but not much!!

    wish I really had faith in them,but the old time GPs are no longer around Sadly,

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    Dear Chris,

    I think that is terrible, that shouldn't be the reaction you would get from a dr.

    If I was you I would see another dr.

    Sorry to hear about your stress and anxiety symptoms, hope you feel better soon x

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    It's all about getting you in and out as quick as possible now. Like we are on a conveyer belt or something.

    Im under the hospital now and I'm so relieved because at least you have a bit more time dedicated to you by people with more knowledge of what we are going through.

    At my doctors I never get to see the same doctor twice in a row so they don't know me..I'm just another face.

    I wish they would have more empathy and compassion for us xx

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    I am shocked by this doctor.  When I went to see my doctor with stress, he was very helpful.  seems like you got a really unhelpful doctor there.  Perhaps he is suffering from work related stress!!  I am sure not all doctors have his attitude, and as suggested, aske to see a different doctor.  Their job is to help their patients, including those suffering from stress, work related or otherwise.  

    Please don't let this experience stop you going to see another doctor Chris.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your support and kind words.

    This was the only Dr. I could see as the Senior "Partner" is on Holiday until the end of the month.

    Another thing He said to Me was He only signs people off if "they intend to leave their job and are looking for a new one". Strange thing for a Dr. to say?

    I had a letter today from My work's HR,about My sick record, I only went sick yesterday so they work fast!! I have triggered x amount of days off in x amount of time. So I will Email them about the work problems to see if they can help or not.

    Still feeling very down at the moment, but I have the support from My Wife!!

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