Working life with Depression and Anxiety Disorders

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Hi guys,

I'm here because I'm really struggling with a working life and Anxiety/Depression.

I've suffered since 2006 now and have been in and out of employment because of this reason. In 2014 I managed to land a job as an office manager and for reason the pressure kept me there and I managed my problems okay with medication CBT.

This year I was made redundant and had to go through the whole process of finding a new job again which was horrible.

Anyway I found the perfect job, good pay and was comfortable until a week ago. The pressure became to much and at the weekend went on an almighty blender drinking and taking drugs and it literally spiralled me into a hole I can't get out of. I've been off work for a week and I've only been there 4 weeks, I'm worried about going back on Monday as nobody knows of my illness and literally have no viable excuse.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated as I'm really struggling with the even thoughts of going back, nor seeing the doctor about my issues.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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    This is classic anxiety, and you are in the right place. We are all dealing with anxiety and are, or have been, where you are. Before anything else is even discussed, you need to get to a doctor, if your doctor will prescribe for this problem great. If not, find another doctor. I hear and understand your desperation.

    Not too long ago, I somehow got myself to urgent care afraid I was going to die or had some terrible disease. I was seen right away, and fortunately, the doctor looked at my state, listened as I told him what I was experiencing, and immediately wrote a scrip for an anti depressant.

    At that time neither I or the doctor realized that it was not just a single attack...I was an acute anxiety disorder...hell on steroids. The meds kicked in quickly, and within a week I was getting my mind and my life back.

    i then came across this forum and learned how to help myself get clearer and handle this thing. What a great help they were, and are.

    Please, for your own health and sanity...get help... get on an anti anxiety med. You can and will be in charge of your life again...right now you are not. There was a time for all of us here that we were not.

    There are many wonderful people here, let us help you, so one day, if you wish, you can help others. Looking forward to hearing from you LordHall. Hugs from a new friend.wink

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      Thanks for your reply Cia42277.

      Genuinely brought a tear to my eye, I'm going to take your advice and in the morning and going to see my doctor. He is great and listens so maybe it's time I did take the medication and got my life back on track! I'm only 22 which has always inflicted my decisions regarding the meds but on occasions they have worked wonders for me!

      I think what it has been for me is the lack of support. I joined here tonight because I need some support from people who understand rather than friends and family who truly don't.

      It's comforting knowing I can come back here now.

      I will update you with my progress! Wish me luck. ??

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      Good luck, honey. Do your best to not be upset with your family. It is a fact that even doctors often don't get it with anxiety. After hundreds of communications, research and interviewing some professionals, I understand even more, that unless you have been there, or are a porfessional who deals with anxiety, you absolutely cannot get it. You can try...but it's not the same.

      The way I got one family member to get near understanding was this... I asked her to close her eyes and remember the last time something scary or terrible happened, like almost getting in an accident or a grandbaby falling in the water. She actually shuddered at the memory. Then I said close your eyes again and picture that awful  surge of flight or fight fear every day of every week of every month... By the time I got that far tears were in her eyes. She said I had no idea. And that's the truth, they have no idea...they can't imagine.

      It will change when you are on the right meds. You will seem to be "normal" again. and you will have begun to take your life back. Congrats for taking action, dear one. Looking forward to next report.wink

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      i want to add that if the first med doesn't work, keep trying until one does. I was fine on first one. However, it took five to get the right blood pressure meds.

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      I don't want to act stupid but what is CBT?

      I really need help I feel like I'm loosing complete control of my life.

      I started with anxiety a couple of years ago & my GP put me on xanax 0.5 and then 1mg. For a time it seemed to be working & then it wasn't helping like it was in the past. I also felt very depressed & 5 weeks ago I saw a (APN ) Psychiatry and she wanted to put me on Welbutrin because I smoke. I heard all bad side effects with this drug so I said no.

      So she put me on Zoloft 50mg & told me to take it at night. I did for a couple of nights & also a sleeping pill woke up 3hrs earlier than normal.

      I then took it in the middle of the day & still same effect.

      Also I smoke even more now since being on Zoloft & to cut down on taking the xanax which she cut back to 0.5 instead of taking 2or3 a day I started to drink 2or3 glasses of wine which I NEVER drank at home only socially maybe once every couple of months. Also my memory is severly effected after being on xanax. I am sorry for rambling on but I am in such a bad place now & REALLY NEED HELP ON PULLING MYSELF OUT.

      I suppose to see her this Monday & I don't wheather to give the Zoloft more time than the 5 wks or to take a chance on Welbutrin because of the smoking? I am 65 & live by myself and friends & my one son don't understand what I'm feeling. I also want to get off the xanax but need some sort of anxiety med. I heard you have to step down on the xanax because it's dangerous to just stop cold turkey. Maybe a less addictive anxiety could be perscribed and work like the xanax use to.


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      Hi Linda,

      I have done the CBT and did find it quite helpful. Its more of a talking and a breathing exercise which somehow manipulates the way we process fears and anxiety.

      Its a love or hate thing but would really recommend doing it. 

      It can work with some people as an alternative to medication regarding the Anxiety but ive always gone back to meds as its easier for me when im feeling like the worlds against me if that makes any sense?

      I hope this helps x

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      Good Eveneing Cia!

      I have to say today is looking a little more positive. 

      I spoke to my GP this morning and went into depth what It is im going through, he got me in straight away with a Doctor. 

      He has prescribed me some Trazadone 50mg for 4 weeks with a 50mg increase in 4 weeks (which is completely new to me as ive tried everything, so anything you know about this drug please do share) 

      He gave me some Diazepam to help me get back into work for next week and Zopiclone for my sleep. Those 2 im used to as ive had them lots of times and find them extreamly effective short term.

      Im not feeling anything normal yet but am positive that thigs "will" get better. But thats where my mind is at today, it can all change in a heart beat as you can relate most probably. 

      But I have to say your little bit of encouragment last night made the world of good for me last night and im really greatful for that. I think that I will stay in this group and this will hopefully help me as well with my recovery. smile 

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      We are glad to see you here, LordLord. As to drugs, that is not an area I am familiar with. I do know, every person reacts differently to any drug. We all find the right ones for us by trial and error. What works for me may give someone else side effects, and vice versa.

      I was lucky with getting the right anxiety meds first time out, however, it took five tries to get even near the right blood pressure meds. Go with the doctor's meds, and if you have any problem with one, get it changed.

      Glad I could help last night, dear one.wink

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      Depending on where you live, I had to go to my Doctors for a referal which was quite a long wait upto 12 weeks. But they can put you at the top if they feel you urgently need it.

      Or if your in the position to pay for this yourself, you can google some clinics that do it, but it works out around £50 - £80 a session which lasts for an hour.

      But I would recommend that you try it because I've know people that it's worked wonders on.

      Keep strong Linda! X

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      I just wrote a whole page and must have hit a wrong key. It disappeared. Botton line, dear Linda, I did respond within minutes. my reply is here right under your post to me. Please read that to understand what I am going to recommend.

      You need your own new posting headline to get the help you need from the people here who have experience and information that you need. I am not the best person to give you the very best advice.

      Go to the very top of this page and see Lordlord's "headline". Then go to the very bottom of this page and see the green box that says, NEW DISCUSSION. Just about all of us check those out every day to see who we think we can best help. That's how Lordlord got all of us responding. Post you own new discussion, and I would include the word  "HELP!" just like I wrote it.

      That will draw the most experienced people for your questions and problems. That's how i got the right, powerful my NEW DISCUSSION headline.

      That is my very best advice. You need the kind of help that I am not the best person to give. I will look for your posting and will get on and follow what's going on, jumping in anywhere I think I can help, honey. I hope to seeeek your posting very soon.

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