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Hello, for the last 8-9 months, I have been suffering from anxiety. all started when my Dad got sick and went to hospital. I spent 6 months going in and out visiting. Then we got the news that they couldn't try anymore treatment. That's when I started getting my physical symptoms. He sadly passed away after that  I've been thinking I have a brain tumour.

I don't know if it was because I spent everyday for six months going in and seeing so many people sick and dieing from cancer. I've been to my GP about the symptoms, she knew straight away that it was anxiety. That was about a month ago now. 

My symptoms are:

1. Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

2. Weird feeling in head ( a mix between dizziness and head pressure)

3. Slight headaches every now and again

4. Blurred vision in one eye (  usually comes and goes)

All these fears started when I googled my symptoms ( I know..I shouldn't). That's when I saw it could be a tumour. I then did more research and found how rare they are ( especially that I'm only 16) but I still keep thinking it is one.

I know I should trust my doctor, but..Well, I think everyone here knows how it is with anxiety. I have not asked for her to send me for any scans, as I know it's highly unlikely. 

p.s, my symptoms went when I first joined the gym, which made me realize how stupid I was to think tumour ( because brain tumour symptoms are usually always constant and everything else severe) .I'm sorry, I'm rambling on here. Lol! Another thing my doctor recommended was to talk to someone I trust .But I'm not really that type of person, Sometimes I just wish my body would deal with this normally( by crying, which I haven't done much of).

Anyways, hope to hear peoples opinions. Oh and I'd like to thank people who commented on my last post, you have all been really helpful.

Thanking you, Jack

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    Hi Jack. All the things you have listed here including thinking you have a brain tumor are typical, common anxiety symptoms.

    We read hundreds of posts every week listing all the same things. It is very clear that the two most common symptoms of anxiety are...first I am having a heart attack and second...I have a brain tumor.

    Over 20,000,000 people in the US have anxiety, and the majority start with these two fears. you are wonderfully unique as a person, but your symptoms are common to all of us with anxiety issues one way or another.

    No matter what started this anxiety, you need to take the first step in realizing what you are dealing with....see a doctor and get a professional diagnosis. Just knowing for sure will help you a lot. You have picked the right place to come for comfort, caring, ideas to help and chatting with others with your same symptoms, but your mind needs the peace of knowing for certain what's going on with you...only your doctor or a psychiatrist can do that diagnosis, dear one. Check it out.

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    Your father's death definitely has taken a toll on you. It wold anyone. ALl the symptoms you are experiencing is anxiety. Anxiety is such an evil gremlin that lays in wait and hen pounces.

    ?Yes, never google your symptoms. That can cause a tremensous amount of anxiety.

    ?I agree with your doctor, talk with someone you trust. Talk to a therapist. Whatever you need to do to help you.

    ?I too wish my body would deal with the anxiety. But we keep moving on and so will you.

    ?I don't know us anxiety disorder people have to endure such uncertainly. I post on this forum alot. At times, it keeps my mind occupied and I get some great advice who know what I'm going through.

    ?Get a referral to see a psychiatrist and psychologist. You don't have to go through this alone. In addition, keep posting. That in iteself can be therapeutic.

    You are young, strong and healthy. You also need to heal from your father's death.

    Sending you positive vibes. Take care.

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      Hi Tip, sorry for the delay in the reply, but I was on holiday in London and am trying to get back to normality. Since then, I have broken down about 3 times, I finally started talking ( wasn't before) to my mother, she is now organising counselling, the hospital where my father was have offered it, but I thought I didn't need it at the time. Also, there is a cancer hospice not far from here ( who were in charge of my dads palliative care) who also offered. I plan on going in the next week or two. My school have also offered to continue the counselling I had before the summer, which I am certainly doing as I trust the guidance counsellor.

      Thanks for the reply, Jack

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    Hey jack,

    I really feel your pain!! I just lost my mother on jun3 which was my sisters wedding day. My mother wasn't feeling good and when I returned to her hotel room I started CPR and dialed 911 me and my step dad who both are trained in CPR and emergency medical aid rescue. It was a long hard push but we couldn't revive her it was to late. So on my sisters wedding day just after the the ceremony I had to break the news to her husband who in return told my sister. So I can understand your issue, I also have all the same systems your having for about the last six months. I believe it's a combination of stress and allergies, i run a huge hotel which is really stressful I have been to two different ear/nose/and throat doctors and they said it is tinnitus. I'm not buying this I have an appointment with a sinus clinic this week. As far as anxiety goes you can control it and learn what is causing the problem to get rid of it, it's not hard especially because this is just starting.Understanding what happens When doctors prescribe you pills for any thing that's wrong with your body. Your body will stop producing the chemical,and then when you try to come off you get sick and then your right back to square on. Emotions are very important they let us know something is wrong or happy. Your body produces cortisol which is a stress hormone which cause panic attack and anxiety if you don't exercise your body only burns it at night. If you exercise in the morning, it on top of sleep will almost wipe it out. Write in a journal all about your anxiety even curse in it let all your raw emotion flow it's your outlet. Then have what we call a great-full Journal and write about everything your great-full for. I have lots of technique

    I use and they work remember one thing your mind doesn't know the difference between reality and fiction it only know what you put in it.

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    Hello there sweetie smile

    You know, all things considered you are doing just great. Losing a parent, Jack is so painful at any time but losing one so young and under those circumstances is a million times worse.

    The stress of visiting then his passing away have all taken its toll upon you. Try to think of grief like a wound. Wounds take time to heal. At the moment the wounds are still fresh. The symptoms you have are all, as everyone has assured you, anxiety related. I understand that there is a fear in you concerning your anxiety symptoms. But how you view them, how you have dealt with them, shows a rare maturity. You should be proud of yourself. Your Dad certainly would be, any parent would be proud of you.

    Now then, I often get strange noises in my ear and my left eye blurs from time to time. If I don't dwell on either they soon fade away. I regard them as a nuisance more than fearing them. Also, my head sometimes feels "odd" or I get headaches.

    Your Gp is quite correct. Talking is a form of therapy, as is crying and laughter. But it is not easy to pour out our soul to friends and family. However, you can talk here, Jack. Any time. We will all listen, honey. We will all answer and support you.

    Hugs Helen xxx


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