Yet another one! Feels different though....

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I'm glad I've found this site, I had begun to wonder if I was on my own.

I am 36 and have no children but have suffered with ovarian cysts for the past 15 years. After several keyhole & \"open\" operations I decided to have my right ovary removed 2 years ago, as most of them had been on that side.

I had hoped that that would solve the problem but the I started getting them on my left side as well. I have had several drained on that side. After the last one I made a decision that, if I got another one within 6 months, I would have my other ovary removed and suffer the consequences of the menopause. I don't have periods due to the pill that I am on, my last one was well over a year ago.

It's now a year later and I feel the same old symptoms again, yet there is something different this time. As well as feeling the pain in my left abdomen, being tired all the time and extremely tearful I am having what I can only call pain attacks.

I can feel a wave of pain coming on and then it feels like something inside me is being gripped and twisted. I fall wherever I am, it takes my breath away and I start crying from the pain. Afterwards my tummy feels very tender and bruised inside. Does anyone else recognise these symptoms?????

My consultant had told me that I had some endometriosis so I'm not sure if that is what is causing this pain.

Any info or comments would be much appreciated.

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    You're definately not alone.

    My cyst didn't really give me that many symptoms until recently - but when the pain did start it was pretty bad.

    Mine was a kinda burning tugging sensation, from my groin through to my lower back.

    Anti - inflammatories did help me and eventually settled the pain - although I still get the tugging feeling.

    It must be awful to have been through this so many times, I'm hoping mine is a one off.

    They think it's a dermoid cyst I have although there is a chance it could be an endometrial cyst.

    Good luck with your treatment. :D

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    Thanks Jinty

    I have an appointment with my Consultant tomorrow. I'm just so fed up with this all now. Depending on the size of this one I think I will go ahead and have my remaining Ovary removed & get it over and done with.

    I hope you are not in too much pain. Are you having any treatment?

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    Hi Jelly

    I have an appointment for next Tuesday, at hospital so I may know more then.

    As far as I know it's to come out as it's more than 5cm in size - and they know it's not a simple cyst either - so it's better out, that way they can check it for anything nasty.

    I'm dreading it - wish it would just disappear..

    It must be so frustrating for you to keep having the cysts come back.

    I can completely understand why you'd just want those ovaries out altogether. I guess you'd just go on to HRT? Do you think the surgeons will agree to what you want?

    Keep in touch - got my fingers crossed for you tomorrow.


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    Good luck with yoiur appointment tomorrow and hope everything works out

    Let us know how you get on

    Tracey x

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    Hi Ladies

    I had my appointment yesterday with my lovely consultant. He scanned me there & then (Thank God for my private insurance) and I do have another cyst but it's a small one, however I'm getting more pain with this one than I have had with others that have been twice the size.

    He has given me some painkillers to deal with the pain and I have to see him again on 22nd. He did say that if the pain got worse between now and then that he would see me immediately.

    We discussed removing my remaining ovary but his main concern is my age and the lenght of time that I would be without my \"normal\" hormones to protect me from osteoporosis, etc. However, if I wanted him to do it I know that he would.

    He seesms to think this one will go away by itself but I know that even if it does, I will be back to see him with another one at some point in the next few months/year.

    It's really has been getting me down, I just want it to be over with.

    How are you both, Jinty & Tracey?

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    Ohh that sounds positve - hope the pain settles for you though.

    Are synthetic hormones not good long term then? I doubt I'd be able to get HRT as I have high BP and when I took the pill years ago they just never agreed with me - the migraines I got were horrific.

    Right picture of health aren't I? :lol:

    I'm not too bad right now thanks - my hospital appointment is Tuesday coming (16th Sept) so I'll know more then, I hope.

    I hope Tracey is alright I've not heard from her for a couple of days.


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    Oh the wonder of private health care

    You know none of my docs will let me use my private insurance

    I dont look forward to the prospect of HRT or the thought of oesteo wot ever

    Glad things are getting sorted for you though

    Good luck and what pain killers has he put you on I am on tramadol and they are the only things that have worked for my pain which is all in my back now which is worse than the tummy pain

    Jinty how are you feeling about your appointment

    Tracey x

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    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for your comments.

    The painkillers he's given me are Voltarol, but they're not really doing much.

    Why won't your doctors allow you to use your private health insurance? I would have thought it would be best for them & for you to get you seen to quickly.

    I am away with work for the next week so I may see if I can log on somewhere else.

    I hope that you're appointment goes well next week, Jinty. I will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

    Take care all.


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    Hi All,

    Well I had my follow-up last Monday and he has told me to come back & see him in a month. I was a little confused as sometimes I'm getting pain but some days I don't so I had wondered if it had gone.

    However, over the weekend the pain has come back with aveangance! My consultant said that when I go back to see him he will do whatever I want so I think I'm going to ask him to take my ovary out. I know it's the only one I've got left my I can't do this anymore.

    I hope everyone else is okay and getting the treatment that they need.


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    Hi Jill

    Was wondering where you had got to.

    Sorry to hear you have been in pain.

    But I know what you mean about having pain free days . I keep thinking mine has gone but then tonight I did some hoovering and moved something as am in pain now and have bowel pressure again.

    I am still waiting for MRI results before I can find out whats going on.

    Sounds like your mind is made up and your consultant is being supportive so good luck and hope it is done quickly so you can get back to normal

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    It's interesting that you mention bowel pressure as I seem to feel more pain when I need to \"go\", if you know what I mean!

    When they removed my right ovary it was stuck to my bowel so I'm wondering if I have the same problem here, I know I have a lot of scar tissue etc.

    How long will your MRI results take? I hope not too long.

    Take care.


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    Hi Jill

    I also have as well as the bowel pressure either spurts of the runs or constipation at the moment its the runs

    So I too was wondering if mine was somehow attached or near my bowel. My waterowrks are fine now although often a lot darker and stronger then they were despite drinking enough.

    I think about three weeks for my MRI results although I did ring up yesterday as was so upset and tearfiul after another night of little sleep and work wanting me to go and see their doc so they can get me back at work. I am waiting for a phoencall back though :evil:

    Its been 12 weeks now since I went in and still not much further on wish I had insisited and put my foot down about the private healthcare.

    Whats happening with yours?

    Tracey x

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    Hi Tracey

    I hope you get your results soon. I don't think other people really know what we go through. Because we look okay on the outside they don't realise how much we're sufferinbg on the inside.

    I am very gald that I have my private health cover and my Consultant is very nice and understanding.

    I've been very moody today at work, almost to the point of being abusive! It's not like me at all, I'm normally very quiet & mild mannered. I think it must be my hormones sending out demonic messages! The next minute I feel tearful. Do you get like that?


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    Hi Jill

    God I have just had work on the phone wanting to know why I didnt attend the appointment yesterday and what is happening.

    I toild her I was in too much pain and had been up all night and offered for them to come to my house but they refused.

    I told her I have been ringing the consultant all week but she isnt there what more can I do. :twisted:

    I am more short tempered than normal and I have gotten worse over the last year so I guess its related as for crying tell me about it I cry over everything at the moment, happy, sad you name it I will cry.

    I am also very spotty and my hair falls out more than normal and I have been bleeding on and off for a week now

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    It sounds like your work aren't being very supportive. It makes a stressful situation even more stressful for you. Why can't they come to your house, at least they could see you whenever they wanted to.

    It's hard when you're off sick and at home for any length of time, you do start to feel a bit paranoid anyway as you feel that everyone thinks you're putting it on. When your employers are being like this it makes it even worse. I would put all your conversations with them down in writing though, just in case you need to refer to them at a later date.

    Try not to worry about them too much and concentrate on making yourself feel better. I hope that you can get through to your consultant soon.

    I have noticed that I am a bit spottier than normal (not good at 36!) but it's my moods, sore boobs and extreme tiredness that are really getting me down.

    I hope you have a good family & friends to support you and make you smile now & again.


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