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I just have a general question,does any one know how long Zoloft takes to kick in? I've been on it about 4 months ... But was curious when I take it

If it worked within 20 mins etc or it may not be that type of drug idk... That's why the question...Thanks so much

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    Hi Rob,

    I was told when I was on sertraline is the past which I've just started taking it again that's it takes 6 - 8 weeks at the right dose for you to feel the full benefit and if you don't after then they will increase your dose

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    Hi Rob

    I do no know if Zoloft is the same as Sertraline, but l was told it takes about

    2 to 3 weeks to start taking any effect. l was adviced to take them in the 

    evening, but its all up to your personal preference, l do not sleep well, so 

    mine is prescibed for pm

    Hope this is of some help. let us know how it goes


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    Hi Rob,

    It takes 3-4 weeks to notice a benefit when taking sertraline ( guessing Zoloft is the name is USA, it's trade name in UK was Lustral, but now off patent ).

    With sertraline there is some flexibility in dosing. Some people respond to 50mg, but a fair few people end up going on 100mg, and a few ( usually psych prescribed dose though ) onto 150mg. 

    I have personal experience of all three doses.....for me it was evident within the first month that 50mg was achieveing very little so I had it inc'd to 100mg, I did notice within a couple of weeks on this higher dose a benefical change.Clearly the lower dose to get the desired effect is the most desirable for each person.

    Most other antidepressants have one dose, but not so with this one. As to whether you take it am or pm, depends on what your dr has said. I do take mine in am, but I do feel a bit tired in first hour afterwards, but then I take other meds too, so cannot make conclusive statement on that. So long as taken every 24 hrs it should not matter too much.

    Hope this helps


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    Thank you all for your help... Does anyone know how long it takes to work after its ingested? 30 mins? And the half life.... Thanks again all
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      Hi Rob, I'm not sure about the half life etc and it's not something that you feel 'kick in' like a benzo...it's something that takes a while to gradually build up in your system. In this time you may feel worse than before but should level out after 2-4 weeks...I'm back on sertraline 3 weeks ago and have been on 100mg for the past week...still feeling a bit crap to be honest...I may need to go up to 150mg soon...I was on generic sertraline up til Friday when I got switched to lustral...itl probably be a bit longer till I feel normal.
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    Hi there again Rob,

    Yes I do know how long the half life is, it around 24-36 hrs mark. The SSRIs are all very similar with this except for one, namely fluoxetine which has a long half life and active meatbolites....thus if you are the sort of person who forgets to take their SSRI every 24 hrs fluoxetine often used as long half life and active metabolite mean less problem, as wash out is more gradual over longer period of time. 

    Re. how long from taking it, it doesn't really apply to this, as SSRIs don't work like that...I have a background in this area....they don't kick in until 3/4 weeks after you start them. Also, you need to keep taking them daily. It's not a case of building up levels, it just how they seem to work. They work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin at the nerve synapse, but the receptor theory of depression which these meds are modelled on only has some of the answers...thus ''theory''.....they do work for a lot of people, although it is said people with ''mild'' depression / anxiety are as well treated with CBT etc.....

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      ps. should read fluoxetine has ''active metabolites''....which work although at a lesser degree than the parent compund. It's active metabolite is norfluoxetine.

      All the other SSRI;s whether sertraline, paroxetine etc have much shorter half lives, all similar around 24/36 hours.....thus the need for dise tapering when coming off, and not advisable to skip a dose.....just bear in mind they need to be taken every day and it will be 3/4 weeks until you notice any change, if none seen then go back to dr as you may either need longer, or a higher dose.....

      Hope this helps

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    Zoloft is not a fast acting drug like Xanax is. Zoloft works behind the scenes and needs to be taken daily in order for it to work. It takes about a week for your body to get it in its system and about a week for it to get out of your system.

    I was on Zoloft for 2 years and was weaned off. First week off I felt great bc the meds were still in my system. The next week I felt like I had the flu but worse bc my anxiety was skyrocketing and I felt I was losing my mind.

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