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    Zopiclone is a powerful drug Michael. I have taken it before at low doses to help me sleep. I believe the drug may be addictive. My question to you, Michael, is why do you want an eternal life of sleep? What is wrong in your life?
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    these as in, i have many of them ( zopiclone ) i rarel take them, but have been stocking up, they are still effective, n yeah just wanna eternally sleep, as i feels my life is now over, satisfactory, n cant be arsed to continue tis all, thanks 4  ur replys smile
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      straight up, my life not worth living, i have friends, although not close ones, as they have married / moved away etc, all my family that do genuinly care about me, have all passed on, the rest living are either not worth my time, or really wudnt be intrested in what i do, i do many good things for the local elderly, surprises me there vigor for life, but sadly every morning i wake, i think oh really,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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      hi micheal sorry to hear your even contemplating suicide i believe if you reach out to someone close they will tell you you have got a lot to be living for ! do you really see this as a way out it will sort nothing and cause pain to those left behind the elderly you.talk about dont you think they would miss you im sorry but you really need to to take a long hard look at your life and either get help with how you feel or just give up do you think youve come this far just to give up if your in the uk try phoning the samaritans they wont .judge you ! take care and i hope things get better please keep in touch david
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      i look at my life, certainly had a lot of fun, ive seeked lots of help, an no no one can really help me, all the injustice's i have faced cannot be undone, i am aware there are far more ppl in a worse situation than myself,  the elderly i help  take me for my kind nature, i want nothing more,  no one will miss me, all will move on n forget me very quickly, unless the world around me can be destroyed, i guess i will have to destroy myself,
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      Hi, Michael. It actually seems like you have a lot going for you. Being involved with the elderly is a great thing. I should become more involved in my community but anxiety prevents me from doing many things. What do u do for a living? What are your interests/hobbies? Trust me Michael, someone will miss you if you are no longer on this earth. Someone once told me that you can't change the past but the future can be something to really look forward to. Don't destroy yourself!! Give life a chance.
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    Michael please don't do what you are contemplating.

    You don't know me at all so if you don't want to listen to me, that's fine, but please do.

    I have read all the comments on this discussion and everybody has good points about people missing you, seeking help, and what a benefit you are to your community helping the elderly, which I think is very admirable by the way. And kind. And generous of spirit.

    Please don't waste what you have to give. There are so many horrible things and horrible people in this weird world we live in, but you are not one of them.

    You are one of the good ones.

    And we need people like you around.

    You can also be a survivor of these awful feelings you are experiencing, and be an inspiration.

    We need people like you around.

    Please don't give up on yourself, look at the people who have replied to you, we would all care greatly if you did something to harm yourself.

    Keep on going my sweet, you can do this.

    I really want and hope for you to feel better.

    Take care of yourself please, you are worthy of living a long and lovely life.

    All my best wishes and kind thoughts x

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    thank you all for your comments, i have many hobbies of which i have become good at, play guitar n piano, play computer games, into music a big way, always have been, cant see me changing, n there nuthing new, all this rapid technolodgy advance still doesnt answer why we are here ? why do evil ppl always get there way, why is there so much evil, really does my head in, cant see no bright future, fortunatly i have nno dependents smile i often gets misunderstood, struggle to survive, fortunatly i am in no debts, need to find a new home and resettle soon, after living comfortably here, whilst fighting suicidle thoughts, the comfort of this home, has helped me not to give in, but now the thought of moving and started a new future in a new home, i cant see happening........
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    Your life Michael belongs to you, and as such it is yours to do with as you will.

    When we talk about ending our lives it is usually because we are in a dark place, a hole if you like that we feel that we will never climb out of.

    What we do not take into account is that suicide is final, there is no hope, there is no way back, it is a closed door forever.

    We might think we are achieving peace, but is that peace at the expense of those we leave behind us? After all we are bound to leave them feeling guilty, lonely, full of recrimination and hurt.

    We will feel nothing but their suffering will just start when we are gone - is that fair?

    When I was in a very bleak place in my life a very wise man said to me 'remember, where there is life there is always hope' and he was so right.

    Here is an illustration for you, today where I live the weather forecast said it would be rain all day, but in fact it turned out quite sunny but. windy.

    Tomorrow the forecast is for snow, cold and high winds. But its might not do that, it may be fine and good enough for me to take the dog for a walk.

    You see life is just like that, full of unknown ups and downs, where we have to learn to take the rough with the smooth - it might be fine for one day and then not so fine for the next.

    Life consists of ups and downs and we just have to learn to ride them out.

    Every one of us messes-up at some point in our lives, and you are no different, but it can and will work out in the end if you allow yourself the time.

    Yes, it can take a while to get over messing-up, but in the end you will find that time is a great healer, and a point is reached when you can move-on and enjoy it.

    What we all need to remember Michael is if we don't make mistakes, how can we ever learn how to improve our lives?

    And really that's what life is all about, salvaging those bits of our lives that we can use after we have messed-up, learning from the experience and then moving on a lot wiser then we were before.

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      Hello, your reply is spot on, and what you said about those left behind is true. Our pain starts from when our loved ones who commit suicide leave this world. We are left with a lifetime of pain, rejection unanswered questions, lonliness and hurt. I know i am one of those people left behind and it as inpacted on my life ever since. I hope Michael will think about this, thou usually they are only thinking of themselves in these situations. 


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      Elizabeth I realize that what I am about to say might appear too little too late, nevertheless I do feel that it should be said.

      Each one of us is like an island which is joined to a mainland via a causeway. In this case the island is a member of our family, and the causway is the link/bond they have with their family, and the mainland is the family itself - us.

      When an island disappears the causeway still remains, and it just appears to be a route to nowhere.

      So it is when one of our family decide to end their life - all the pre-existing routes there (our memories) remain intact, but the island has gone.

      Under these circumstances should we say that we fondly remember the island? - yes we should.

      Could we have done anything at all to prevent the island form being inundated by the sea? - no we couldn't.

      So what thoughts should we try to maintain in our minds-eye of the place that we once remembered and loved? - fond memories, and being realistic the fact that some days were not that wonderful there.

      The fact that we can no longer see the island really does not figure here, as if we are truthful about it the island is still there, but under the waves.


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