Anatomy / Body

This section is designed to help you understand how different parts of the body work. This information may help you understand how your symptoms are related to your condition, or how your treatments work. There are simple labelled diagrams, and medical terms are explained in plain English, so that you may be able to understand better the explanations that you are given. The information also gives some idea of how these functions can go wrong and what the conditions are called. If you do not understand "Why are my hearing and balance connected?" or "Why is my shortness of breath related to my heart?" these doctor-authored leaflets may help you find some answers.

BloodLeft Upper Quadrant Pain
Right Upper Quadrant Pain The Ears, Hearing and Balance
The Eyes and VisionThe Female Reproductive System
The GutThe Heart and Blood Vessels
The Immune SystemThe Kidneys and Urinary Tract
The Lungs and Respiratory TractThe Male Reproductive System
The PancreasThe Pituitary Gland
The SpleenThe Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands