Campylobacter are a group of germs (bacteria) that are a common cause of food poisoning. Typically, food poisoning causes gastroenteritis, an infection of the gut (intestines), leading to diarrhoea and sometimes being sick (vomiting).

What is campylobacter?

Campylobacter are a group of germs (bacteria) that are a common cause of an unpleasant bout of food poisoning. When something you eat or drink contains the campylobacter germs it can make you ill, usually by giving you gastroenteritis, an infection of your guts.

Should I report a campylobacter infection to anyone?

If you think you got your infection from a particular restaurant, takeaway or supermarket, then yes please! Your local Environmental Health department can check out food safety practices and, if there's a problem, step in. This might avoid other people getting ill in future. You can find out where to report a food problem on the Food Standards Agency website.

If you have had a stool test which shows campylobacter, your doctor would also be obliged to report this in the interests of public health.

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