In this section you'll find leaflets written by UK GPs and dentists covering topics related to your teeth. If you need to know how to soothe a teething toddler, how to deal with bad breath, or what you should do if a tooth is knocked out, the information is contained here.

There are also leaflets on plaque and gum disease, good mouth care and dental abscesses - everything you might need to know but were afraid to ask your dentist.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)Dental Abscess
Dental Check-upsDental Implants
Dental InjuriesDental Plaque and Gum Disease
DenturesFillings and Crowns
Knocked-out ToothMouth Care
Mouth UlcersOral Hygiene
Root Canal TreatmentsTeeth Straightening
Teeth WhiteningTeething
Tooth DecayToothache
Wisdom Teeth