Recipe: Bedtime brew

Recipe: Bedtime brew

The 'go to bedtime brew' - if you are having trouble sleeping, ditch the caffeine and replace with our calming caffeine-free blend of chamomile and mint tea, infused with floral notes of lavender. 

As the cold dark nights draw in, you’re looking forward to two things- your bed and a nice warm brew! If you’re having trouble sleeping, one thing to steer away from in the hours leading is drinks containing caffeine (a stimulant).

Why chamomile?

Chamomile comes from a daisy-like plant and is widely used to treat insomina and induce a 'deep' sleep due to its calming properties. Evidence supports that the ingredients within chamomile itself can alter hormonal responses and brain receptor activity in a way that encourages sleep. Not only does chamomile induce a sensation of sleepiness in indviduals who 'feel awake at night', it can help to ease your mind and reduce tensions making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

When looking at levels of anxiety before and after consuming chamomile, studies have concluded chamomile extract can in fact lead to reduced feelings of anxiety in those sufferring from generalised anxiety disorder - a very helpful factor if stress or worry is a reason for your difficulty sleeping.

Lavender, our second chosen ingredient, is commonly used to promote sleep, with research to support its sleep promoting effect on people suffering from mild insomnia. It also has been shown to have a relaxing effect.  The infusion of lavender and chamomile together allows different agents to work together to promote an undisturbed night of sleep.

Recipe for a calming bedtime brew

Recipe for a calming bedtime brew
  • 1 tbsp loose leaf chamomile 
  • 2 tbsp dried culinary lavender
  • Handful of crushed mint leaves


  1. Place the lavender, chamomile and mint leaves into a teapot infuser
  2. Pour over the boiling water until the teapot is filled
  3. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes
  4. Serve in your favourite mug and enjoy!

Try this relaxing brew with one (or two) of our warming ginger chickpea cookies - the perfect combination to get you ready for a good nights sleep!

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