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Some couples plan for pregnancy years in advance, while for others it's more of a spur of the moment decision. We've asked some of our experts some of the most common questions about becoming pregnant.

How do you tell your boss you’re pregnant?

Dr Sarah Jarvis

Diplomatically, I would suggest!

Now your boss may be incredibly supportive and absolutely thrilled for you. But you do just want to be aware that before you start telling your boss or your wider family, you want to make sure you are in the best position not to have to get some bad news later. And it usually means waiting until the end of the first trimester till you are about 13 weeks or 3 months pregnant. That’s about the time you have your scan.

At the end of three months and after you have had your scan, if all is well then there is a much better chance that you are not going to have a miscarriage and that the pregnancy will be successful. Now you might also want to know what your maternity allowances are and what your contract says before you inform your boss, but don’t forget, if your boss doesn’t seem absolutely thrilled when you let him or her know, that may simply be that you are such a valuable member of the team, they need a little bit of time to get their head around how they are going to manage without you.

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