Deskbound? How to make your exercise routine count

With many people in the UK tied to long hours at work and less leisure time, it can be difficult to schedule in a workout. Research from the University of Bristol[1] shows people who exercise on work days are generally happier than those who don't, so it's well worth making the effort.

Here are some exercises to try out in the office to get your healthy lifestyle back on track.

Walking and jogging

Walking is easily incorporated into your daily work routine. Offer to make someone coffee and take the opportunity to visit a different floor in your office. You can also use your lunch break for a brisk 20-minute stroll, or you might want to think about walking to and from work.

Taking the stairs is another option. Instead of heading for the escalator or lift, using the stairs will help tone your legs and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Many athletes use stair climbing as a means of making their muscles more efficient, while also improving their lung capacity.

Leg exercises

Sitting at a desk all day can increase the risk of poor circulation. There are a few different exercises you can try to get your blood flowing.

Lift both your feet off the floor and rotate them at the same time, first clockwise and then anticlockwise. To improve movement in your knees, pull one up to your chest using both hands and hold for 15 seconds. Then repeat using your other leg.

Get everyone involved!

Group exercise has many advantages. Not only will everyone in your office be able to take part, but you'll collectively reap the health benefits. Whether you do this during work time or outside office hours will be your boss's decision, but there are various ways to make it happen.

Many offices have shower facilities, so why not arrange a lunchtime jog or stroll? Alternatively, put together a company football or netball team and see if any other local businesses want to get involved.



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