Laryngitis - Causes

Authored by Dr Mary Harding, 04 Jun 2015

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What is the usual cause of laryngitis?

The voice box (larynx) joins the back of the throat to the windpipe (trachea). The vocal cords are part of the larynx and are needed for speech. Laryngitis means inflammation of the larynx. It is most often due to infection with a germ. The most common germ causing laryngitis is a virus (viral laryngitis). Other causes are much less common.

Other causes of laryngitis and hoarseness

As well as being caused by a virus, laryngitis can be caused by other germs, such as bacteria. Laryngitis may also be caused by a long period of screaming, yelling or singing very loudly. This causes your vocal cords to bang together which can make them inflamed.

If laryngitis doesn't settle after three weeks, it is called chronic laryngitis. Causes for this include:

A change in your voice which lasts for more than three weeks always needs checking out by your doctor.

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