Tendinopathy and Tenosynovitis - Symptoms

What are the symptoms of tendinopathy and tenosynovitis?

Tendinopathy usually occurs at the part of the tendon that attaches to the bone and the sheath of the tendon that is affected in tenosynovitis is close to this attachment. The main symptoms are pain, tenderness and sometimes swelling of the affected part of the tendon or even a lump. The pain is typically when you move the affected area. The overlying skin in that area may also feel warm. You may not be able to move the part of the body that is pulled by the affected tendon as easily as normal or it might feel weak. The area may feel stiff. In some cases the condition lasts just a few days and then goes away on its own. In other cases it can last weeks or months if not treated.

Any tendon of your body may be affected. However, some areas of your body are more prone to these problems. For example, tendons around your wrist and hand are the most commonly affected. Some types of tendinopathy and tenosynovitis cause very characteristic symptoms and have their own name. For example:

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