Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer - Prognosis

What is the outlook?

There is an excellent chance of a cure if cancer of the inside lining of the womb (uterus) - known as endometrial cancer - is diagnosed and treated when the disease is at an early stage. This is when the cancer is confined to the uterus and has not spread. Many cases are diagnosed at an early stage because abnormal vaginal bleeding often develops at an early stage of the disease and alerts women (and their doctors) to the possibility of cancer. For women who are diagnosed when the cancer has already spread, a cure is less likely but still possible. Even if a cure is not possible, treatment can often slow down the progression of the cancer.

To give a very general idea, out of every 100 women diagnosed with endometrial cancer:

  • After five years, 95 women diagnosed in the very early stage will be alive and well. Most will be completely cured and the cancer will not return.
  • After five years, overall (including all stages at diagnosis), 80 women will be alive and well.
  • Overall, (including all stages at diagnosis), 75 women will be alive and well after ten years.
  • Fewer women survive to five years if their cancer is picked up in a very late stage, but this is uncommon as it usually shows itself early.

The treatment of cancer is a developing area of medicine. New treatments continue to be developed and the information on outlook (prognosis) above is very general. The specialist who knows your case can give more accurate information about your particular outlook and how well your type and stage of cancer are likely to respond to treatment.

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