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The importance of lifestyle

In addition to managing the pain of osteoarthritis with medication or supplements, a few simple lifestyle changes can help you to manage and reduce the pain.

Exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and healthy diet are thought to be beneficial in reducing joint pain and are important to consider.

It’s important to ensure you are a healthy weight, as being overweight can put increased strain on the joints. One study claimed that losing about a pound of weight delivers almost a four pound reduction in knee joint load for each step.

A healthy diet is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Steps you can take to try and have a healthy, balanced diet include:

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  • Cosume at least five potions of fruit and veg each day
  • Opting for wholegrain carbohydrate options
  • Limiting your intake of fatty and sugary foods
  • Research suggests eating breakfast can help with weight control
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If you’re having trouble losing weight or would like to know more about eating a balanced diet you can visit Patient's weight loss pages for further information and advice.

Keeping active

Exercise is important for both overall fitness and muscle strength, and lots of studies show that muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises can reduce pain, disability, medication intake and improve day to day physical functioning.

There are a number of different types of exercises you can do to work on flexibility, strength and endurance and it’s advisable to speak to your doctor or physiotherapist about the best exercises for you and your OA, to help you see the best results and avoid injury to your joints.

The symptoms of your OA may also make it difficult to complete activities at the pace you are used to, and you may need to break tasks down into smaller segments, or spread them out across the day.

Ensuring that you’re wearing comfortable, well cushioned shoes which give adequate support is also important to help you keep as active and pain free as possible.

For further information about osteoarthritis and lifestyle changes you can visit:


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