New 'Find Toilets' app makes 'spending a penny' free & easy

Finding a public access toilet while you're out and about isn't always easy but a brand new mobile app, which embraces user-generated crowdsourced data, is set to help the nation find relief quickly, via their smartphone device.

The Find Toilets app, launched by the UK's leading and most trusted independent health website Patient, allows iPhone users to find public toilets near their current location using GPS technology built-in to their handset. Once users select their chosen toilet, the app will provide a detailed route to the exact location of their selected destination.

Users of this app can also submit toilets that are not already listed, for the benefit of others. Approved new toilet entries will also be added to the OpenStreetMap project, a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.

"As well as being a handy tool for anyone with a smartphone, we also see the added value our Find Toilets app has for pregnant women, people who may have particular medical conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and various bladder and bowel control problems," says Ben Foster, Operations Director at Patient. "The app's crowdsourced element - the fact that people can also add previously unlisted toilets - is another important benefit because it enables users to help others, as well as themselves - all for free!"

Find Toilets is free to download at the iTunes store.