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    Diabetes in Pregnancy Professional

    Obstructed labour : associated with increased risk of macrosomia and shoulder dystocia [ 5 , 6 ] . Polyhydramnios is more common in pregnancies where the woman has pre-existing diabetes...

    Ultrasound Scanning - Non-obstetric Professional

    Conditions for which ultrasound is used in diagnosis include: Achilles tendonitis or rupture . Shoulder injuries and tendinopathies including tears, inflammation, thickening, rupt...

    Paediatric Examination Professional

    To examine the ears of a young child, it is best to sit the child sideways on the parent's lap, with one of the parent's hands holding both the child's hands and the other holding the chil...

    Pneumothorax Professional

    Women with endometriosis should be asked about pleuritic, shoulder or upper abdominal pain occurring at the time of their menses, as if present they are at high risk of PSP.

    Pain and Pain Relief Professional

    Regional blocks have been used to good effect in shoulder pain, intercostal neuralgia, postoperative scar pains and other peripheral neuralgias.

    Health and Social Class Professional

    "In areas with most sickness and death, general practitioners have more work, larger lists, less hospital support and inherit more clinically ineffective traditions of consultation than in the he...

    Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy Professional

    PE : potentially extensive but specifically rule out chest infection and an intra-abdominal bleed (look for abdominal signs, shoulder tip pain from diaphragmatic irritation and a low JVP). ...

    Cerebral Palsy Professional

    Where contractures of the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand are causing difficulty with skin hygiene. Where the cosmetic appearance of the upper limb causes significant concern.

    Stable Angina Professional

    Anginal pain is: Constricting discomfort in the front of the chest, neck, shoulders, jaw or arms. Precipitated by physical exertion. Relieved by rest or GTN in about five minutes.

    Genitourinary History and Examination (Female) Professional

    Note size of babies - a larger baby, particularly if there was shoulder dystocia - may increase the chances of later stress incontinence. Ask whether any methods of assisted delivery were ...

    Epilepsy in Children and Young People Professional

    Early morning sudden myoclonic jerks, especially of the arms and shoulders. Often later develop generalised tonic-clonic (GTC) seizures. May be inherited as autosomal dominant.

    Physical Training Professional

    It can prevent recurrence of injury - for example, after injury to knees, shoulders and backs. Strength training as part of general physical fitness enhances the metabolism of fat.

    Safeguarding Children - How to Recognise Abuse or a Child at Risk Professional

    Bruises of similar size and shape Bruises at sites where accidental bruising is unusual: face, eyes, ears (bruising around the pinna may be subtle), the 'safe triangle' of the neck (the nec...

    Breast Cancer Professional

    Movement of the shoulder may be impaired. Follow-up After adjuvant treatment (including chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, where indicated) is completed, discuss with patients wher...

    Gait Abnormalities in Children Professional

    Touch your shoulder with your ear (each side) Observe the spine from behind. Bend and touch your toes.

    Osteoporosis Professional

    Osteoporotic fractures are defined as fractures associated with low bone mineral density (BMD) and include spine, forearm, hip and shoulder fractures. For clinicians, managing osteoporosis...

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