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    Abbreviations Professional

    % abv percentage alcohol by volume ac ante cibum (before food) AIIRA angiotensin-II receptor antagonist AAFB acid-alcohol fast bacilli AAS atomic abs...

    Ultrasound Scanning - Non-obstetric Professional

    Shoulder injuries and tendinopathies including tears, inflammation, thickening, ruptures, calcification of the: Supraspinatus tendon Infraspinatus tendon Subscapularis Long head of ...

    Shoulder Pain Professional

    Acromioclavicular disorders . Biceps tendonitis . Infection (rare). Shoulder instability - associated with hypermobility including subluxation or dislocation (see also separate ar...

    Physical Training Professional

    For example, biceps and triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings. Do not try to lift excessive weights or injury will result and set back training.