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    Oral Thrush Suggested

    Oral thrush is an infection in the mouth caused by a yeast germ called Candida. It is not usually serious and can generally be cleared with treatment.

    Vaginal Thrush Suggested

    Vaginal thrush is an infection of the vagina and/or vulva with a yeast germ called candida.

    Candidiasis Professional

    Candidiasis, All C. auris isolates from the UK have been somewhat resistant to first line antifungal therapy (fluconazole), and have varying susceptibility to other antifungal treatments. ...

    Vaginal and Vulval Candidiasis Professional

    Vaginal and Vulval Candidiasis, Recurrent vaginal and vulval candidiasis Recurrent vaginal and vulval candidiasis is defined as four or more episodes in one year with par...

    Antifungal Medications Professional

    In immunocompromised individuals, oral antifungals for seven days, or intravaginal preparations for 6-14 days are advised. Oral candidiasis [ 3 ] See the separate article on Ca...

    Systemic Mycoses Professional

    It often presents with meningitis. Candidiasis . See separate Candidiasis article. This is normally associated with predisposing factors - eg, neutropenia, antibiotic use,...

    Vaginal Discharge Professional

    See also the separate articles on Bacterial Vaginosis and Vaginal and Vulval Candidiasis . Sexually transmitted infection Chlamydia trachomatis . Neisseria gonorrhoeae .

    Dysuria Professional

    Women: vaginitis - eg, vaginal candidiasis, atrophic vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis. Men: prostatitis, epididymo-orchitis, epididymitis.

    Problems in the Mouth Professional

    Signs There are several clinical forms of oral candidiasis (see separate article Candidiasis ). Other causes of sore mouth Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) [ 4 ] This idiop...

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Professional

    Although clinical features are similar to infectious mononucleosis, consider HIV seroconversion illness if there are unusual signs - eg, oral candidiasis, recurrent shingles, leukopenia, or C...

    Penis Problems (Penis Pain) Conditions

    This is also known as candidiasis. It can be a sign of diabetes mellitus . Itching can sometimes be a symptom of a condition called balanitis.

    Oral Thrush in Babies Conditions

    miconazole candida candidiasis thrush oral candidiasis nystatin

    Oral Thrush (Yeast Infection) Conditions

    miconazole candida candidiasis thrush oral candidiasis nystatin fluconazole

    Nappy Rash Conditions

    candidiasis nappy rash candidiasis of the skin

    Candidal Skin Infection (Yeast Infection) Conditions

    candida candidiasis thrush candidiasis of the skin

    Perioral Dermatitis Professional

    Physical factors: ultraviolet (UV) light, heat and wind worsen perioral dermatitis. Candidiasis has been suggested as a provoking factor. Miscellaneous: hormonal factors are suspected b...

    HIV and Skin Disorders Professional

    Recurrent and persistent mucocutaneous candidiasis is common with HIV infection. In the USA, recurrent vaginal candidiasis is the most common presentation of HIV infection in women.

    Trichomonas Vaginalis Professional

    Differential diagnosis Other vaginal infections - eg, candidiasis ,  BV ,  chlamydia , gonorrhoea , herpes simplex . Other benign causes of vaginal discharge - eg, physi...

    Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) Professional

    They are prone to increased dental caries, periodontal disease, oral infections (particularly candidiasis) and intolerance of dentures. Where possible, treatment is directed at the underlying...

    Fungal Lung Infections Professional

    Opportunistic fungal pneumonia pathogens Candida spp. causing candidiasis. Aspergillus spp. causing aspergillosis. Mucor spp. causing mucormycosis. , fungal lung infect...

    Sjögren's Syndrome Professional

    Dental and periodontal problems. Oral candidiasis and angular cheilitis. Dry eyes tend to cause a gritty sensation. There is a predisposition to blepharitis and the eyes may be stick...

    Hypoparathyroidism Professional

    Features include hypoparathyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. Also known as autoimmune polyendocrinopathy-candidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy (APECED).

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