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    Coma Professional

    Coma, Corneal reflexes: these are normally intact until there is a very deep coma. In drug intoxication, they may be absent in a patient otherwise in a light coma. Otherwise...

    Myxoedema Coma Professional

    Myxoedema Coma, It is one of a relatively small number of endocrine emergencies, and it is a rare, but potentially fatal disorder. [ 1 ] It does not necessarily involve the presence of pretib...

    Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State Professional

    Synonyms: hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic nonketotic coma (HONK), diabetic nonketotic coma, hyperosmolar nonketotic state, hyperosmolar nonketotic hyperglycaemia (HNKH) See also sepa...

    Dealing with Hyperglycaemia (High Blood Sugar) Conditions

    If it's not treated and gets worse, the person can gradually become unresponsive (going into a diabetic coma). So it's important to get them to see a doctor in case they need emergenc...

    Marchiafava-Bignami Syndrome Professional

    Onset may be sudden with stupor, coma or seizures . Other patients present with acute or chronic dementia and/or gait problems.

    MCAD Deficiency Professional

    The gap between feeds is then long enough for acute hypoglycaemia to occur, producing symptoms of preprandial irritability, drowsiness, jitteriness, sweating, coma and seizures. It can pre...

    Respiratory Failure Conditions

    Restlessness, anxiety, confusion, fits (seizures) or coma - these can occur due to the abnormalities in blood gases. On listening to the lungs there may be noises suggestive of infection, ...

    Trauma Triage and Scoring Professional

    The Organ Injury Scaling Committee of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) developed the OIS in 1987; the scoring system has been updated and modified since that time. [ 3 ] ...

    Tick-borne Encephalitis Immunisation Conditions

    In severe cases they can lead to a coma or even, less commonly, death. People who recover from the illness may have long-term problems as a result.

    Emergency Management of Hypoglycaemia Professional

    Presenting features Neurological manifestations include coma, convulsions, transient hemiparesis and stroke, while reduced consciousness and cognitive dysfunction may cause accidents and i...

    Haemodilution Professional

    Presentation Symptoms Confusion Nausea/vomiting Seizures Coma It may be fatal. Signs Brain oedema. Management Treat the underlying cause.

    Gamma-hydroxybutyrate and Gamma-butyrolactone Abuse Professional

    Decreased levels of consciousness, and coma. Tremors. Myoclonic jerks. Seizures. Differential diagnosis The differential is wide and includes: Alcohol poisoning .

    Frontal Bone Osteomyelitis Professional

    Presentation Headaches There may be localised swelling Fever Nuchal rigidity Altered mental state (from subtle changes, confusion or complete coma) Focal neurological s...

    Raised Intracranial Pressure Professional

    Untreated, this can deteriorate to stupor, coma and death. Vomiting (in early stages without nausea), which can progress to projectile with rising ICP.

    Hyperthyroid Crisis (Thyrotoxic Storm) Professional

    Confusion, agitation, delirium, psychosis, seizures or coma. Cocaine intoxication and hyperthyroid crisis lead to clinical pictures with overlapping signs, including hyperpyrexia, tachy...

    Vegetative States Professional

    Definitions These are derived from RCP guidance on PDOC, which was published originally in 2003 and updated in 2013. [ 1 ] Coma Coma is a profound state of unconsciousness. ...

    Underactive Thyroid Gland (Hypothyroidism) Conditions

    Hypothyroid coma (myxoedema coma) is a very rare complication. However, with treatment, the outlook (prognosis) is excellent.

    Hyponatraemia Conditions

    In severe acute hyponatraemia the brainstem can press down on the bottom of the skull (called herniation), leading to a large pupil that does not respond to light, coma and the patient stoppi...

    Diarrhoea Medicine Conditions

    Depressed breathing. Coma. Some children have died after taking these medicines - this is very rare. However, this is why these medicines are not recommended for children.

    Inborn Errors of Metabolism - an Introduction Professional

    Lethargy can progress to coma and other signs of CNS dysfunction such as abnormal tone or seizures may occur. Persistent vomiting in infancy with no clear explanation should raise suspicio...

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