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  1. Headache

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    Headache, Exertional headaches/sexual headaches Exertional headaches are headaches associated with physical activity. , migraine headache

  2. Headache

    PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Headache, The International Headache Society classifies headaches into primary and secondary headache disorders. [ 1 , 2 ] Primary headache Over 90% of head...

  3. Cluster Headaches

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    Cluster Headaches, Avoidance of alcohol is recommended during a period of cluster headaches. What are cluster headaches and what are the symptoms? Cluster headaches...

  4. Cluster Headaches

    PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Cluster Headaches, As with any primary headache, some patients may need imaging, and the red flags of headache indicating the need to search for a secondary cause are: [ 16 ] Change in...

  5. Headache Pathway

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    Headache Pathway, This problem-specific video map, for insight into the diagnosis and management of headache in patients, providing content at key decision points (eg red flags...

  6. Secondary Headache

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    Secondary Headache, A secondary headache is one arising secondary to a condition known to cause headache. Primary headaches, although more common, are not life-th...

  7. Tension-type Headache

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    Tension-type Headache, Tension-type headache (previously just called tension headache) is the most common form of headache. Painkillers taken only when needed...

  8. Chronic Tension-type Headache

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    Chronic Tension-type Headache, Note: medication-induced headache can be similar to chronic tension-type headache . Medication-induced headache (sometimes called ...

  9. Headache

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    Headache, Continuous Headache I've had a non stop headache for 6 months.  It never goes away but it ranges in intensity throughout the day.

  10. Medication-overuse Headache and Headache Triggers

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    Medication-overuse Headache and Headache Triggers, Medication-overuse headache (MOH) - previously called rebound headache, drug-induced headache or medicat...

  11. Help for headaches


    Help for headaches, Almost everyone has the odd tension-type headache – the most common form of headache that affects one in 20 people on any given day. It typically feels...

  12. Is my headache hormonal?


    Is my headache hormonal?, Some people are sensitive to caffeine - try cutting out tea and coffee for a few weeks and monitor your headaches. Do get your eyes checked regularly - eye ...

  13. Tension-type Headache

    PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Tension-type Headache, Headaches are a major cause of morbidity. Tension-type headache (TTH) is a significant cause of sickness absence and impaired ability at work. [ 1 ]...

  14. Complications after Spinal or Epidural Anaesthetic - Headache

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    Complications after Spinal or Epidural Anaesthetic - Headache, Young patients and women having the spinal or epidural for childbirth are more likely than other people to have a post-dural pun...

  15. Primary Sexual Headache

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    Primary Sexual Headache, Synonyms: orgasmic cephalgia, orgasmic headache, sexual headache, coital headache, early coital cephalgia, orgasmic coital cephalgia ...

  16. Medication-induced (Medication-overuse) Headache

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    Medication-induced (Medication-overuse) Headache, Medication-induced (medication-overuse) headache is a cause of frequent or daily headaches. It is caused by taking pa...

  17. Sumatriptan - for migraine and cluster headaches (Imigran)

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    Sumatriptan - for migraine and cluster headaches (Imigran), Some people who get frequent migraine attacks are in fact getting medication-induced headache. Medication-induced head...

  18. New NICE guidelines on headaches


    New NICE guidelines on headaches, Logically, of course, I know that 'common things occur commonly' in general practice, and believe me, headaches with no other underlying cau...

  19. Headaches - causes and cures


    Headaches - causes and cures, And what can we do about everyday headaches? Tension-type headaches These are the commonest type of headache by far. They t...

  20. Cluster headache - what is it?


    Cluster headache - what is it?, headache migrainous neuralgia cluster headache