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    Aciclovir eye ointment (Zovirax) Medicines

    At the time of review there are no branded or generic eye products containing aciclovir available in the UK. Products may still be available in other countries.

    Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Conditions

    Creatinine is a breakdown product of muscle. Creatinine is normally cleared from the blood by the kidneys. If your kidneys are not working properly, the level of creatinine in the blood goes ...

    Cancer Symptoms Conditions

    This toxic product can then build up and lead to enlargement of the lymph nodes. Raised temperature (fever) - some cancers can lead to high fever (for example, lymphoma).

    Mouth Ulcers Conditions

    Soothing protective pastes . These products, such as Orabase®, help to cover the ulcer temporarily to protect it. A painkilling oral rinse, gel, or mouth spray may help to ease pain...

    Acute Kidney Injury Conditions

    The structure of the glomerulus allows waste products and some water and salt to pass from the blood into a tiny channel called a tubule. The liquid that remains at the end of each tubule is ...

    Econazole for vaginal thrush (Gyno-Pevaryl) Medicines

    There are two econazole products available to treat vaginal thrush - pessaries and cream. Econazole pessaries are inserted high into the vagina and can be prescribed as a one-off dose, or as ...

    Calcium-rich Diet Conditions

    The most well-known sources of calcium are milk and dairy products. However, calcium is also found in many other foods. This includes fish with edible bones such as tinned salmon, green leafy...

    Childhood Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Conditions

    You should talk to your doctor before using these products. You may have to make the hole of the teat larger if you use these products. Anti-regurgitant formula milks are availabl...

    Cow's Milk Protein Allergy Conditions

    Cow's milk protein allergy is an allergic condition which is triggered by drinking cow's milk or by drinking or eating products made from cow's milk. It can cause: Skin s...

    Prescribing for Children Professional

    Doctors and pharmacists should report suspected adverse drug reactions to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), even if the product is being used in an '...

    Lactose Intolerance Professional

    Management Avoiding milk and dairy products will relieve symptoms in most. However, lack of milk and dairy products can result in the loss of a vital source of calcium, especially...

    Blood Conditions

    Blood carries nutrients, hormones and waste products around the body. Regulation. Blood helps to keep the acid-alkali balance of the body in check. , haematology anaemia blood transfusio...

    Head Lice Professional

    Available products include dimeticone 4% lotion (Hedrin®), dimeticone 92% spray (NYDA®), and isopropyl myristate and cyclomethicone solution (Full Marks Solution®). , Pedicu...

    Insulin Regimens Professional

    Diabetes Type 1 diabetes mellitus Type 2 diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus management Insulin product

    Cannabis Use and Abuse Professional

    The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) granted GW Pharma a licence for Sativex® on 16th June 2010 [ 15 ] . , Multiple sclerosis Cannabis Cannabis (pharmaceutic...

    Co-careldopa for Parkinson's disease (Sinemet) Medicines

    Parkinson's disease Co-careldopa (product)

    Sulfadiazine tablets Medicines

    Sulfadiazine product Rheumatic fever

    Co-magaldrox suspension (Maalox, Mucogel) Medicines

    Co-magaldrox product

    Multivitamin preparations Medicines

    Vitamin products Multivitamin preparations Vitamin supplementation

    Fluoride preparations to prevent tooth decay (Duraphat, En-De-Kay, Fluor-a-day, FluoriGard) Medicines

    Use your fluoride product exactly as your doctor or dentist tells you to. If you have not been given specific directions, follow the instructions on the package. , Fluoride product...