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    Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children Professional

    Antidiarrhoeal agents : are reserved for cases where diarrhoea and increased bowel frequency interfere with activities of life. Loperamide is most commonly used. It is effective in reducing d...

    The essential adventure travel kit

    The essential adventure travel kit Feature

    Not always necessary, but a good idea to pack in case you have limited access to a toilet. Loperamide is the safest and most effective. Antibiotics . Most cases of traveller's diarr...

    How to have a healthy holiday

    How to have a healthy holiday Feature

    Diarrhoea tablets containing loperamide (two capsules straightaway, then one every time you have an episode, up to six capsules a day).

    Codeine withdrawal symptoms Forums Discussion

    Sent Hubby out for some loperamide and nytol  Hiya Gemma what's loperamide? R u in UK?, Loperamide is Imodium. Yeah I’m in the uk, Hope things are going ok for you ...

    Codeine withdrawal symptoms | Page 2 Forums Discussion

    So I’ve stocked up on loperamide and Nytol and just hope to be able to ride it out. Last summer it was horrific for about 8 days with virtually no sleep.

    Ibs Forums Discussion

    I was given loperamide (Imodium) to help bind but would have cramps around stomach area near belly belly button area, sometimes making me physically have to lean forward and hold/rub my stoma...