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    Congenital, Perinatal and Neonatal Infections Professional

    Skin infections Skin infections with S . aureus are common. Periumbilical skin infections present a special risk because of the possibility of bacteria passing up the umbilical vein, caus...

    Gonorrhoea Professional

    Advise patients to avoid unprotected sexual intercourse until both they and their partner(s) have completed treatment. Advise routine screening for other STIs in all patients with or at ri...

    Neurofibromatosis Professional

    However, surgical resection has a risk of nerve injury, pain may persist after removal of the tumour(s) and tumours may regrow at the same site. [ 1 ] Epidemiology [ 6 ] Both ty...

    Epilepsy in Adults Professional

    The seizure type(s) and epilepsy syndrome, aetiology and comorbidity should be accurately determined because failure to classify the epilepsy syndrome correctly can lead to inappropriate trea...

    Asylum Seekers and Refugees Professional

    However, if they don't you may not know what language(s) they are fluent in. Ideally a professional interpreter is booked in advance, arrives early and might, if the patient wishes, me...

    Sinusitis Professional

    When infection does occur, it is most frequently caused by anaerobes, Gram-negative bacteria, S. aureus [ 6 ] , and coagulase-negative staphylococci [ 18 ] . Patients with chronic sinusitis...

    General Learning Disability Professional

    The person with general learning disability and their carer(s) and family need a great deal of physical and emotional support. Psychological, psychosocial, and educational interventions fo...

    Malaria Professional

    Determine what prophylaxis has been taken - drug(s), dose and adherence, date of cessation. Pursue diagnostic tests urgently. Symptoms Fever, often recurring Chills Rigor...

    Conditions Affecting the External Eye Professional

    Erysipelas .  S. pyogenes causes this more unusual, acute expanding cellulitis. Lid involvement may be severe.

    Refraction and Refractive Errors Professional

    LASEK® LASEK stands for LA ser S ub- E pithelial K eratomileusis. The LASEK® procedure involves taking a thinner flap of corneal epithelium than in LASIK®.

    Eye Injuries Professional

    Manage immediately, using three "I"s: IRRIGATE, IRRIGATE and IRRIGATE . This may be the single most important factor in determining visual outcome.

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