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  1. Childhood Nutrition | PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Childhood Nutrition, Childhood nutrition should be a balance between the high energy and nutrient content required for growth and development and establishing a healthy diet with w...

  2. Parenteral Feeding | PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    This may be supplemental to oral or tube feeding, or it may provide the only source of nutrition as total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Patient selection Parenteral nutrition...

  3. Nutritional Support in Hospital | PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    A high level of malnutrition has been reported in adults in hospital and is linked to poor clinical outcome. [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] Oral, enteral or parenteral nutrition support, alone or in combina...

  4. Short Bowel Syndrome | PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Inadequate maintenance on parenteral nutrition for any other reason - for instance, inability to manage hydration/nutrition status despite parenteral nutrition.

  5. Nutritional Support in Primary Care | PatientPlus (Professional) Article

    Enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition are usually given during the night in adults when they are inpatients. , nutrition malnutrition enteral and parenteral feeding

  6. Paleolithic (Paleo™) Diet | Condition Leaflet

    The fact that the diet does not allow consumption of dairy products is also criticised by some nutrition experts, including the British Dietetic Association. Eliminating key food groups such ...

  7. Healthy Start | Condition Leaflet

    pregnancy patient currently pregnant nutrition support and welfare child welfare healthy start

  8. Dukan Diet | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods dietary advice

  9. Atkins Diet | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods dietary advice

  10. 5:2 Diet | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods dietary advice

  11. Dietary Sodium | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods dietary advice

  12. Dietary Potassium | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods hyperkalaemia dietary advice hypokalaemia

  13. Dietary Tips for Vegetarians and Vegans | Condition Leaflet

    nutrition diets and specific foods dietary advice

  14. Mediterranean Diet | Condition Leaflet

    healthy eating nutrition diets and specific foods mediterranean diet dietary advice

  15. Smell and Taste Disorders | Condition Leaflet

    Try to maintain your nutrition levels by weighing yourself regularly, or setting reminders for mealtimes. Cooking with ingredients that stimulate the taste buds (sweet, sour, salty, bitter an...

  16. Breast-feeding | Condition Leaflet

    Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. Breast-feeding provides many health benefits for both baby and mother. A vitamin D supplement is recommended for all breast-feeding women.

  17. Orlistat (Xenical®) Healthy Eating Guide | Condition Leaflet

    Check for other ideas by checking the nutrition labels or look online for "100-calorie snacks". Limit this type of snack to a maximum of 1-2 per day, less if you find you are no...

  18. Weight Loss (Unintentional) | Condition Leaflet

    The weight loss is partly due to the increased activity of cancer cells in the body that require nutrition. (Weight loss in more advanced cancer is due to various combined factors.) Type 2...

  19. Lactose Intolerance | Condition Leaflet

    Babies and very young children are dependent on milk for their nutrition, and it will not be possible to stop it even for a short time. If the diarrhoea is very severe, occasionally treatment...

  20. End of Life Care | Condition Leaflet

    Types of treatment which you may want to cover in an advance decision if you lose mental capacity include: Whether you want fluids or feeding (nutrition) through a drip. Whether you ...