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    Prevention of Falls in the Elderly Professional

    There may be a description of tonic and clonic phases of convulsion but this does not necessarily imply epilepsy from a space-occupying lesion or cerebral degeneration, as cerebral ischaemia ...

    Thyroid Cancer Professional

    Radionuclide imaging: distinguishing functioning toxic nodules and thyroid metastases from follicular and papillary carcinomas is best with 123 iodine uptake studies: Normal iodine uptake is see...

    Sinusitis Professional

    It may be further classified into allergic fungal sinusitis and sinus mycetoma - a unilateral lesion usually involving the maxillary sinus. Invasive fungal sinusitis : this may take on an...

    Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) Professional

    Fingertip lesions (score 2 for ulcers, 3 for fingertip pitting scars). Telangiectasia (score 2). Abnormal nailfold capillaries (score 2).

    Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children Professional

    Oral and/or perianal lesions. Skin rashes. Delayed puberty. Remember also to be alert to any features suggestive of child abuse, including sexual abuse and neglect [ 23 ] .

    Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Professional

    One study found that predictive factors for rupture of an aneurysm were width:height ratio, maximum diameter of neck (≤3 mm) and family history of cerebrovascular disease. [ 30 ] Screening for...

    Oral Anticoagulants Professional

    Potential bleeding lesions - eg, active peptic ulcer, oesophageal varices. Uncontrolled severe hypertension. An unco-operative or unreliable patient.

    Albinism Professional

    No pigmented lesions develop in the skin, although amelanotic naevi can be present. Visual acuity is so poor they are classified as severely sight impaired.

    Vitamin D Deficiency including Osteomalacia and Rickets Professional

    Pathological lesions in the bone are characterised by inadequate mineralisation and may take many months to heal.

    Abnormal Gait Professional

    Causes include spinal cord lesions and bilateral cerebral hemisphere abnormalities. Scissor gait Scissor gait is usually seen in spastic cerebral palsy , usually diplegic and paraplegi...

    Retinoblastoma Professional

    Retinomas are non-progressive retinal lesions which may be benign precursors to Rb. Rarely, they remain benign and do not progress. Retinoma appears as a grey, translucent mass in the retina;...

    Bronchiectasis Professional

    In the presence of normal antibody screening test results where the following are present: Clinical suspicion of immune deficiency (short stature, facial abnormality, cardiac lesions, hy...

    Abbreviations Professional

    % abv percentage alcohol by volume ac ante cibum (before food) AIIRA angiotensin-II receptor antagonist AAFB acid-alcohol fast bacilli AAS atomic abs...

    Eye Injuries Professional

    Mustard gas exposure [ 15 , 16 ] Mustard gas causes chronic and delayed destructive lesions in the ocular surface and cornea, leading to progressive visual deterioration and ocular irrit...

    Female Sexual Dysfunction Professional

    These include central conditions such as Parkinson's disease and stroke, spinal cord lesions, and peripheral conditions such as diabetic autonomic neuropathy and aortic aneurysm affecting...

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