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    Osteoporosis Conditions

    You may also see it referred to as a 'DEXA scan'. It is a scan that uses special X-ray machines to check your bone density. A DXA scan can confirm osteoporosis. , o...

    Obstetric Ultrasound Professional

    Ultrasound scans use sound waves which are safe for you and your baby. Booking scan The first ultrasound scan is usually performed before 15 weeks. [ 1 ] The purpose is to: ...

    Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation Conditions

    Investigations used to diagnose CCAM and assess the severity of CCAM include a chest X-ray , a CT scan and an MRI scan of the chest . Babies diagnosed as having CCAM should ha...

    Pregnancy Screening Tests Conditions

    Routine ultrasound scans An ultrasound scan is a safe and painless test which uses sound waves to create images of structures inside your body, such as an unborn baby.

    Ovarian Cyst Conditions

    An ultrasound scan can confirm an ovarian cyst . An ultrasound scan is a safe and painless test which uses sound waves to create images of organs and structures inside your body.

    Lipoma Conditions

    This may be: An ultrasound scan . A CT scan  or an MRI scan . Do I need any treatment for a lipoma? Usually not.

    Cholecystitis Conditions

    What does an ultrasound scan do? An ultrasound scan is a generally painless test which uses sound waves to scan the tummy (abdomen).

    Gastrointestinal Malabsorption Conditions

    Further tests may include an abdominal ultrasound scan , barium studies and a computerised tomography (CT) scan or a  magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan .

    Ganglion Conditions

    Very occasionally if the diagnosis is not clear, a scan such as an ultrasound scan or MRI scan may be needed. What is the treatment? If a ganglion does not cause...

    Echocardiogram Conditions

    An echocardiogram is an ultrasound scan of the heart. It is sometimes just called an 'echo'. Ultrasound is a very high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be emitted and...

    Fine-needle Aspiration Conditions

    This may be done by an ultrasound scan , a CT scan or an X-ray of the breast (a mammogram). What happens during a fine-needle aspiration?

    Intraventricular Haemorrhage in Babies Conditions

    IVH is usually diagnosed with an ultrasound scan . This is the type of scan you have when you are pregnant, but in this case the probe is placed over the soft spots (fontanelles) of...

    Goitre (Thyroid Swelling) Conditions

    For example: An ultrasound scan of the thyroid. This is the best test for thyroid swellings. An ultrasound scan is a safe and painless test which uses sound waves to create ima...

    Back Pain in Children Conditions

    This may include: A bone scan - this is a scan of the bones after a small amount of dye is injected into your child's vein.

    Stages of Cancer Conditions

    The tests can vary depending on the cancer but may include blood tests and scans such as a computerised tomography (CT) scan , a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan , a ...

    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Conditions

    A more detailed scan, such as a CT scan, is sometimes done. This may be done if your doctor needs to know whether the aneurysm is affecting any of the blood vessels (arteries) that c...

    Thyroid Cancer Conditions

    These may include one or more of a CT scan or MRI scan , blood tests , a thyroid radioisotope scan and sometimes other tests. See separate leaflets called Thyroid Funct...

    Pulmonary Embolism Conditions

    See separate leaflet called Radionuclide (Isotope) Scan . The isotope scan is also called a V/Q scan, or ventilation/perfusion scan. The CTPA scan is a type of C...

    Lewy Body Dementia Conditions

    At the specialist clinic, further assessments and investigations including brain scans are usually carried out. There are a number of different types of brain scans. Some scans ( ...

    Polycystic Kidney Disease Conditions

    ADPKD in an adult can usually be confidently diagnosed with this test. A CT scan or an  MRI scan are more detailed scans and may be done if there is any doubt abo...