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    Kawasaki Disease Conditions

    Repeat heart scans are usually advised over several weeks. If the heart scan is normal at 6-8 weeks after symptoms began then long-term heart problems are thought to be unlikely.

    Exercise Tolerance Testing Conditions

    Nowadays it is common for scans of the heart to be done rather than an ETT. The scans that can be done for the heart include: A cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan o...

    Lumps in the Groin Conditions

    If you have an aneurysm, the scan will show a swollen artery. Undescended testicles can be seen on an ultrasound scan. A lump filled with fluid suggests a cyst, and so on.

    Rhabdomyosarcoma Conditions

    The tests to make a diagnosis and see whether the rhabdomyosarcoma has spread to other parts of the body will include: blood tests , chest X-ray , ultrasound scan of the tummy (abdomen ), ...

    Haemochromatosis Conditions

    People with haemochromatosis who develop cirrhosis are also at increased risk of liver cancer and should be checked regularly with ultrasound scans or MRI scans . What is the...

    Pancreatic Cancer Conditions

    A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is sometimes done . An MRI scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create computer pictures of tissues, organs and other structur...

    Intravenous Urography (Pyelography) Conditions

    Certain kidney problems are now more commonly assessed with techniques such as ultrasound scan , CT scan and MRI scan .

    Frontal Bone Osteomyelitis Professional

    Presentation Headaches There may be localised swelling Fever Nuchal rigidity Altered mental state (from subtle changes, confusion or complete coma) Focal neurological signs, eg ...

    Chest Pain Conditions

    Isotope scan and CTPA scan These are specialised scans which look at the circulation in the lung. CTPA stands for 'computerised tomography pulmonary angiogram'.

    Abdominal Masses Conditions

    Further tests may include a urine test , an abdominal ultrasound scan , a CT scan or an MRI scan . Any further tests will depend on the likely underlying cause of the i...

    Blood Cancers Conditions

    The tests for blood cancers include blood tests , scans (including CT scan or MRI scan ) and a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration . Our picks for ...

    Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome Conditions

    Tests to diagnose Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome include blood tests, scans of your heart (called an echocardiogram ), using an endoscope to look at both ends of your gut (bowel) , CT scans a...

    Testicular Cancer Conditions

    A specialist will examine you again and may advise: An ultrasound scan. This is a simple painless test which uses sound waves to scan the testicles. ( See the separate leaflet ...

    Scaphoid Wrist Fracture Conditions

    If this is the case, a CT scan or MRI scan may be suggested to look for the fracture. A radionuclide bone scan is occasionally used as an alternative but this is used ...

    Neuroblastoma Conditions

    The tests to make a diagnosis and to see whether the neuroblastoma has spread to other parts of the body will include: blood tests , chest X-ray , CT scan , MRI scan , and a bon...

    Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis of Down's Syndrome Conditions

    There are two basic methods of screening for Down's syndrome - the ultrasound scan and biochemical serum screening: Nuchal translucency ultrasound scan (also called the NT s...

    Haematospermia Conditions

    Ultrasound scan of your scrotum and urinary tract. If the haematospermia persists or keeps happening then you may be referred to a urology specialist for further tests.

    Breast Lumps Conditions

    What is an ultrasound scan of the breast? An ultrasound scan of the breast uses the same technique as an ultrasound scan that women have when they are pregnant.

    Salivary Gland Stones (Salivary Calculi) Conditions

    The test done may be one of the following: A different type of scan such as a CT scan or MRI scan . Sialography (sialogram). This is a special X-ray test.

    Liver Biopsy Conditions

    The doctor who does the biopsy may use an ultrasound scanner or computerised tomography (CT) scan for guidance. The scan locates the exact site of your liver so the biopsy needle is ...