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    Pneumonia Professional

    Deep vein thrombosis. Septicaemia, pericarditis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, cerebral abscess, meningitis (particularly in pneumococcal pneumonia).

    Childhood Ketoacidosis Professional

    Gram-negative septicaemia . Investigations Investigations should include:   Capillary blood glucose - can be performed but the glucose level must be confirmed on p...

    Acute Pulmonary Oedema Professional

    High-output heart failure - eg, septicaemia , thyrotoxic crisis , anaemia , shunts. Increased pulmonary capillary permeability: Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)....

    Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison's Disease Professional

    Sudden onset of insufficiency, such as the Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome (infarction secondary to septicaemia - eg, meningococcal) presents with collapse and shock. Chronic - symptoms...

    Diagnosing the Tropical Traveller Professional

    Also, consider all causes of septicaemia and meningitis . Early referral to the local infectious diseases unit will provide the most useful, up-to-date advice on management.

    Paediatric Examination Professional

    Doctors should be familiar with important rashes (such as the purpuric rashes of meningococcal septicaemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and Henoch-Schönlein purpura). Ca...

    Congenital HIV and Childhood AIDS Professional

    Impairment of cellular immune defences (the type found in HIV infection) should be suspected in children who present with: Recurrent bacterial infections, particularly invasive infections like m...

    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Professional

    Salmonella septicaemia, recurrent. Histoplasmosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary. Toxoplasmosis of brain.

    Spinal Cord Injury Professional

    Leading causes of death after spinal cord injury include pneumonia, pulmonary emboli , septicaemia and acute kidney injury . Prognosis The spinal cord has very limited powers ...

    Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers Professional

    Meningococcal septicaemia . Encephalitic viruses - eg, West Nile virus . Investigations Infected material is potentially dangerous and so investigations should be restricted to t...

    Lassa Fever, Marburg and Ebola Virus Professional

    Differential diagnosis This is mostly between the other VHFs : Meningococcal septicaemia Henoch-Schönlein purpura Measles Hepatitis Malaria Haemolytic...

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